Leto (Kirill Serebrennikov; 2018)


My name's allie add. This is the falls unite. Podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection as always i'm joined by a guest and this time around mike guest is caroline ridler. Hi caroline thank you for coming on the show. I i to be here okay. So before we talk about the film. We're going to be watching today. Carolyn could you tell us a little bit about yourself. Yes mayan I'm jay at the university of nottingham and my pitch is all about the soviet rock musician vic to soy as looking at abc Clearly how his rise to fame what that can tell us about the cultural politics of gus. Nestle the changes that happened in the late nineteen eighties with ex became open the bonds could now play the stadium concerts just looking at how will fecta so can tell us about that period of time of so. Yeah i've come from my undergraduate at durham university. So i did version at front rishon. French died on then. I tried the own univesity of ox. Said and i also did russian and french at that point. I just couldn't couldn't let s you kind of like. Yeah is only now that you're having to having to make the choice between the two us also. Yeah exactly yeah. So what point did the interest in soy specifically. Because obviously you've got the russian from the undergraduate degree but yeah when did the specifically the rock side of things come in by the way i should say before. We move on as far as cool. Phd subjects since like that is also is never even occurred to me to do something interesting mean i feel by looking to do doing i can justify spending my days thinking about Music is pretty cool. Yeah came about kind of channels intent. So i did a modular my fetched yet at durham. Which was about just in descending rocher quite abroad broad module dispossessed From beginning on there was just one lecture and they were talking about. I think it is nevada ground talking about how things restricted than those kind of things changing the cultural changes through the decades of the soviet union and it was just an ethic question. That was you know could talk about you. Know the transition from him bound to overground. i'm one of the legislature just about soviet rock music all cool I thought i could whole lesson about this. So i did. Yeah the so. So i'm guessing that was a bit of an interest in rock music anyway. I shouldn't come to that. Force is to play School so i play bass guitar. I also play drums inobound though i could not identify really consider myself. Joe biden pretty decent so moving moving around the rhythm section. yeah hutton. My brother's a dramatic. Just kinda lead from his history kit and it was. Yeah it was great. I played bass in front with my brother sociable. I was more like sixteen. Seventeen at six four. My just joined the band with some friends from school. Who recently lost their drummer's can do that. So i'd have that kind of like yeah just interested listen to it. So that upbringing onto route concepts say to me to say about rock. Music was just so cool. Yeah that's that's definitely like the divide between like fun and work definitely. Does i think so. I mean i've. I've not done some as recently but i have been new project myself. Dude some fakes recordings of q songs of scientists Of getting back into that definitely lies between work can work confirmed a definitely a little bit blood in the moment. But that's that's that's great. I think that's that's an attitude. More people should have. Yeah yeah it's good. Yes so in coastal studies. Did you get to spend any time in russia. Yes i did so my typical yet coast. Jim braude princeton russian. So spend the I spent the second semester. Instant peaches bug. That was really cool. I was studying tap Intensive language coast it was connection with my university was actually the pizzas Transport of places so that nice kind of like. What are they interesting. Legacies of like the socialist pasta. You have things like named lung transplant. University was it something. Trust communication something like that. This is a very benign question. But what's here. where were you in saint petersburg. Because i've i've visited once for like three four days in practically white nights and it managed to not rain. The whole time which i'm told by russians is very unusual to get three straight days of sunshine. So when we when we there. Yeah i think that's a very valid question. I think your experience can be very for different times. I was i was steph thackery till just right the okay so you've got to experience quite a transition.

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