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To squeeze about. It's a winnable game and the bengals actually forget that. Hey it's a road game. I think they got a solid chance. You know because the bengals have won a road. Game under zac taylor yet. Well i could talk about the ever scores. If a backtrack real quick. Like i said tough loss behind you learn from it joe burrow certainly has seems like and you go into week eleven against washington the football team. The cleveland browns. A game i listen to on the radio before you know the bengals game. They defeat the houston. Texans tend to seven course. Houston's led by romeo cornell. One time had coach of the cleveland browns and that game it was three nothing the way one up the beaver creek the gift things for my fiancee and i come back. And it's just it's three nothing. Houston has a couple of chances. You the gamble on fourth down what you know. I probably would have done the same thing to to be honest. That's why i'm not football coach. I'm a guy talking to you about sports. I feel like texans had a couple of chances to tie the game and they just you know yeah. They missed field goal to. But you know. I don't know so. The browns pick up their six one of the year. Six three on the season. I mentioned the steelers game. You know helps the bengals. You know played them. That's why we talked about. The ravens fell on sunday night to new england. Twenty three to seventeen three the patriots not dominate the afc but Buffalo things probably your best shot to win that division miami. I think could win it too. That's not too wild and looks like they the bills. I mean that was a game. Where the andre hopkins pulls a net mary on double coverage and wins for the cards. Yeah that's that's miraculous catch but there you go talk a little bit about football. Oh yeah the colts. Because we talk about the colts. That was a thursday night game last week and the colts are now twenty. Eight nine against tennessee since nine one thousand nine hundred eighty and regular season games. So you could say indianapolis has away with tennessee and the titans now loss what three ls four

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