To the trailer episode which is coincidentally the last episode that were recording for quite a while but maybe the first episode that you listen to cuz the way that we're in a structured way the trailers work Shawn McCoy. I'm the host of the come to the table podcast. And the last three years is I'm recording this in October of 2020 given our start late 2017 right around December the last three years have been nothing short of incredible nothing short of a journey of introspection for myself and hopefully for those that are listening in such a way that is fundamentally changed my life. I'm not the same person. We rarely are like that old Wallflower song man. I ain't changed, but I know I'm not the same. I'm definitely not the same as I look back and I see the the different episodes I think about where I was at those points in time and where I am now. So the reason for this trailer is if you come across podcast and you find it and you start here first to listen to what it may be about I'll tell you that's a little bit of a right now. It's in a state of sabbatical but they're at least a hundred conversation for you to go listen to enter in our backdrop. And if you've listened to all of them and I just ask you to patiently wait for one to come out in the future, but if you haven't there are some gems out there like a treasure chest. So I'm going to find out there a perspective a conversation that's been had by somebody that I believe could not only show you some inspiration but show you the beauty of humanity and the Tower of what happens when we sit down at a table take a deep breath. We allow joy to enter our lives. And put on other people's shoes and such a way that allows us to listen to them. Listen to them first as I record this on Halloween. There's no telling when you're going to hear this, but I hear this things like the election which was a little bit of the Catalyst way back when President Trump was elected in 2016. I kept thinking there needed to be some voices out there in a history won't be nearly as big or as popular as his or others of that nature, but at least it put something out there to allow for somebody hopefully to find to say people that are different considered stable an atheist and Christian can walk into a bar and Let Me Be by each other a drink and find out a little bit more about why they each think the way that they do it can they come across and that Having learned something about not just the other person but about themselves I went on this journey thinking that I was going to do this with a listener. And while I did want that for you, I would be lying to you. I didn't say that it has had as I said before an impact on me that I was not expecting. And so it goes to show you that if it can't work for the person who's doing it. If it doesn't matter the person the front line of it, there's no way it's going to get to you. All I can ask you to do is to maybe find some inspiration for this. Like I said these gyms that are out there if some of them are missing some gyms aren't in the toolbox are not in the treasure chest. So to speak I just want to make a special note of for one is Faith sex is a friend of mine way back in the beginning that Dave we did a conversation around race and then I got I got lost given how many we've done. In fact, we've only lost a couple it's not a bad percentage but it was heartbreaking when that episode file was lost cuz he had an amazing conversation around race something that I would found prophetic later in terms of my own Discovery in terms of my own privilege and things of that nature. And Teresa blais came on the, on the podcast. She's a fellow podcaster become enamored with that world and podcast friends of mine who I just wish nothing but the best for as far as industry, it's an amazing amazing industry. I think about Andrew hobble Hauser who came on again. It was a zoom call in the things got messed up. So I wanted to talk about him Teresa's thought was lost as well. And there's a couple that didn't get recorded two that stand out one is Caroline criado-perez who was on the mixed mental Arts podcast who Hunter monsters on this one month and she opened me up to a world of understanding my privilege in place in this world as a right-handed.

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