All evidence points to the Big Ten being the best league in America for a second straight season


Today, turn our attention to the big ten where I have Iowa winning the regular season title while Norlander has pegged Illinois as the. Favourite and Wisconsin to finish second. So let's start there. Norrland explain to me why you're being totally disrespectful the frame McCaffrey to Luca Garza to this public research university that was founded in eighteen forty seven at CBS sports me Jerry Paul David all have Iowa in the top two but you and strong JAL cow bone have Iowa third in the big ten. Explain Yourself. This is gene wilders Al-Matar we're talking about for crying out loud. Oh, there we go. Something tells them you've been snooping around the Iowa wikipedia page. That's where I get all my goodland ACM forty, seven trivia gets on. What's the oldest institution in the Big Ten? Let's let's what do we think it is big ten rules. What's two oldest one founded first? What's our guest founded? I I'm running through right now I'm going to say it's Penn State Penn. State's your guests I'm going to go. I'M GONNA go man is a tough one I'm going to say. That's a good one. I'M GONNA say Michigan I'M GONNA Michigan sealed list no idea by the way no idea someone chips someone pleads tweet us and let us know I don't know when the oldest we could. Actually we could go and look through all the wikipedia pages in real time here. But let's let's make a fun quick podcast here you want to know why I have. Iowa. Third I'll let you WanNa know what that's what I want. That's what you want to I'll let you know that I talked with Sam visine yesterday good old Sam. Who May who may appear on this podcast remember never know it's always out there. He actually asked me where I have Iowa in my one, two, three, fifty seven and I said, well, I'm GonNa have them in the top ten but I'm actually going to have them behind. Illinois in Wisconsin. He goes. You're absolutely right and I don't know how many people are gonNA. Agree with you. But I'm with you hundred percent and the reason why is this this team has the preseason national player of the year and Luca Garza it's got a great talent and Joe Camp. Jordan bohannon terrific Khanna McCaffrey. Great. But defensively, there's enough there that are not there that I'm going to. Just sell a bit on a twenty eleven team from last season ninety, seven defensive efficiency at Ken Palm. I like Wisconsin's overall team just a smidge better smidge and I do like Illinois I think he's GonNa be the best team in the big ten. So I love that we have we need some more genuine disagreement on the podcast here I've got Illinois definitely as the as the best team in the big ten and then Wisconsin and then Iowa. But in the Grand Scheme of the sport, I, think those are three of the ten best teams in college basketball. We agree on that have Iowa fifth in the top twenty five in one. Illinois six and Wisconsin Tint So. You know. We're all in the same ballpark and I do think you can reasonably despite. My anger at the top of the podcast I do think you can reasonably have those three teams in. Any order as for Iowa. Five players last season start at least twenty games all five or back plus they get Jordan Bohannon Beck, they finish twenty third at. Kim. Tom. But they were 97th in defense of efficiency and quite clearly if you're trying to look for a reason why Iowa isn't actually going to break through and make the final four for the first time since nineteen eighty. Where you start is on the defensive side of the ball ninety seven defensive efficiency. It's hard to be great when you are that bad on the defensive end of the court,

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