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The latest from our newsletter pod News Dot net. I'm. Donald. Trump I'm Joe Biden and I. True. I approve this message. How have the presidential candidates used podcast advertising in the US election McGowan? Says that trump virtually stopped spending in September and only advertised in US and culture shows Joe Biden on the other hand started in late August to he was officially announced as candidate, but he's advertised a lot on comedy podcasts. It's not podcasting but Netflix's could soon allow you to listen to rather than watch your favorite shows according to new code in the APP back on January. The thirty first news reader can randall notice that TV shows with audio description would make for a great podcast. Agree with them. Using clips of comedy in your podcast expect to knock on your door before too long spoken giants has a new royalty administration agency for the spoken word much like a music publisher earns royalties, for Song, composers. Reuters has released its Reuters Audio Survey Global Survey of among others at ten days of the Voice Global Conference Daily News podcasts an interview podcasts are among the content most likely to increase in demand. The survey says Music Radio and serialized podcasts less so and eighty percent believe voice connected homes will soon become the norm. In podcasting read ads work better than non host read ads says, new research from Nielsen. It's the fourth anniversary of the New York Times audio team. The team posted in on what they're up to PR X has published an excerpt from the independent investigation into systemic racism. At the company we linked to that today Lipson have demonstrated their much-awaited Lipson five podcast dashboard it features and. You visual look and feel for stats and Simpler podcast Publishing Inc. quarterly results have been coming out this week. Amazon's net income tripled here on spotify now has three hundred and twenty million monthly active users up twenty nine percent year on year twenty, two percent of them used podcasts, and that's up slightly from last quarter and facebook's total users in the US and Canada has dropped slightly. Transistor has added. One quick submission tools to podcast directories in India today is spotify. Podcasters Day masterclass in networking. Day with more than twenty five thousand creators having registered National PODCAST post month starts on October. The first goal of NAPA called pomo is to use the challenge of podcasting daily as a form of Podcast boot camp and Yvo terrors changed his mind about pianos podcasters who don't understand RSS Editing tools or podcast tech podcasters in name only I just as valuable he says as the more full stack podcasters. And podcast news for the US presidential election on the media's Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield will be hosting their first ever live election night show featuring expert interviews, music comedy, and reflections and reactions from the on the media crew. It's free to watch as a link in our show notes and our newsletter today. The second season of Doctor Death has hit number one on apple podcasts. This season is all about doctor Farid. Fata who subjected over five hundred patients to brutal chemo treatments. They didn't need just to collect millions from insurance and it unveils a rotten system that tried to protect him. And lots of non US podcasts out there that are worth a listen foreign policy playlist is a new show from foreign policy magazine that will recommend one podcasts from around the world each week into the host and plan excerpts eyesight here

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