Over a century ago, masks were controversial during the 1918 flu pandemic


Voting during a pandemic is something the U. S has done before during the midterm elections in 1918, when the Spanish flu pandemic was ravaging the country for historian. Nothing whatever unprecedented. Tom Ewing is a history professor at Virginia Tech, and he cites eerie similarities between now in 1918. Back then, some communities required masks for voters and large public gatherings had to be canceled. But the situation wasn't politicized in the way that it is now. When people disagreed with the policy, they didn't say. Was because someone so with a Democrat, a Republican, and the role of the federal government was much less significant. Voters listened mostly to state and local health officials and didn't turn to the president for leadership. That just was not the role of the president. Early 20th century That's one striking difference. Nikolai Nelly w T o P

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