Painting the End of Fall - burst 35


Twenty six or heading back into the friday night games lima central catholic versus hopewell loudon one versus six for the region twenty six championship go to region twenty seven and we have newark catholic in the mix against shady side. Newark catholic is the higher seat of the two five or seven. They're pretty big upsets for new catholic and shady side last week as five for the region twenty-seven final and region twenty eight. Looks like this. Merry local new bremen again battle of the mid west athletic conference and i can imagine a new bremen can hand mayor and local loss. That's a statement but these flyers just continue to fly. I mean it's fascinating to me. Seen such a small community. Maria stein and just the flyers winless last down year for merrin local. They wanna know 'cause idle and it. Just it's huge. It's amazing how. Well mary local just re stocks year

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