Miami-Dade County Election Results, Trump Wins Florida


Trump snagged Florida's coveted 29 electoral votes, Senator Rick Scott tells NBC news. This is due to his position on the issues important to residents prints on the right side of the issues for Florida. We don't want taxes go up. We want some. It's going to stand up against the cast regime and Maduro. We want somebody that is going to focus our long economy. There was things that Florida authorities care about. Carlos Jimenez is claiming victory in his congressional race. Today was a rejection of extremism. Today It was a rejection of partisanship. Today was a rejection of socialism and oh, and the evils of socialism and communism. He beat out. Congresswoman Debbie knew Carcel Powell. Maria virus sounds are defeats incumbent Donna Shalala and race for Miami Dade District 27 Congressional seat re elected for a third term for Florida's 13th Congressional District. Democratic incumbent U. S representative Charlie Crist defeated Republican challenger Anna Paulina Luna. Chris says he believes it's because he's a good listener. My dad. You know, I would say he was a family doctor. He raised my three sisters in May and would always tell us. You know, God gave you two years in one mouth, respect his ratio. Try to listen twice as much as you talk. Because I'm a literally It's my title and my job. Representative Chris says he's planning to be out at 7 A.m. weaving a sign a 22nd Avenue and fourth Street North, thanking those who voted for him. Four Indians have passed Amendment one changing the state Constitution to allow on ly citizens to vote instead of every citizen. They've also passed Amendment to which will gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026 Republican Matt Gates wins reelection to US House in Florida's first congressional district And Democrat Demi Wasserman Schultz wins reelection to US House in Florida's 23rd Congressional district with Florida's

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