You should use all your vacation days


A friend was driving by. Just. A couple of days ago while I was out walking. And stopped to talk to me and told me that she and her husband had just been on driving vacation. and. They went to a beach. There was about five hours away in what a nice time they had and she mentioned you know but I still have weeks of vacation that I'm never going to get to us this year. And I thought about this because I talked about it like I. Don't know four six weeks ago. How people who have benefits at work and have vacation? Generally have not been using it. And you know there's a burn out with that. And maybe you would plan some kind of great trip you were going on and that has fallen through because the pandemic. Most employers. have use it or lose it rules for vacation. and. If you're working week after week after week. Day After Day. I mean, there are people who are underemployed right now are unemployed who aren't crying a river for you because you got that good job in that steady paycheck. But at the same time, you have that benefit. And you should take advantage of it. Even if it means a staycationing, you've got to clear your head. I am so into. Gosh I must be European heart. because. The Europeans know how to take their vacations. They don't ever leave a day of vacation on the table and they get a minimum six weeks a year, a paid vacation. Not so much here in the US. But I want you to look at the calendar because you don't have a lot of weeks left in the year. and. Whether you drive to the mountains or. Drive to a lake or You're near enough to an ocean or whatever. Go take some time for yourself. And if it means even just leaving the vehicle right in your own driveway and you just take time off from work. And you have auto responder on your email. Saying you're on vacation till such and such day don't be tempted to look at them. Leave them alone. Do something for yourself. I guarantee you. You were a better employee. For who you work for? If your mind is clear and fresh. Then If every single day. You are working.

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