Tesla 'full self-driving' vehicles can't drive themselves


Changing the name of its driver assistance. Some just some thing some people say is even more confusing and misleading for consumer autopilot is out. Tesla's now calling the system full self driving. A driver assistant can't be self driving much Wass full, self driving law professor Brian Walker Smith at the University of South Carolina who studies autonomous vehicles. Tells Can X. Tesla is opening itself up to a host of liability issues from the Federal Trade Commission. And it's the counterparts for deceptive marketing potentially from the California D. M. V. Crossing into the realm of autonomous vehicle testing without state approval, he says, even from competitors with similar systems and possible future crash victims Tesla does worn in smaller print driver's still have to supervise their vehicle. However, the company can't use its fine print to contradict its advertising. Federal regulators of automakers say they'll be watching Tesla closely and in a statement say no vehicle for purchase today is capable of driving itself. Karen Adams can extend 70 news radio this

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