Episode 151 - Bill Rapier

Cleared Hot


Your first month. Don't go to lump people. Life is hard enough as it is, and that's it on the old business side of the house. My guest today. Is. Bill rapier man that I have known for quite some time and we had what I would call a pretty damn big gap in our experiences together I left the east coast. He stayed on the East Coast and we actually didn't link up again until we were both out of the military. He now owns a company called 'em tack shooting. He is the lead instructor and like I said the owner he retired after twenty years in the navy. Several years at seal team three and then over fourteen years at naval. Special. Warfare Development Group. He was in Salter Breeder sniper team leader troop chief in a military working dog. Senior enlisted adviser. He has always been an avid shooter and I can say that from the time that we work together, he was always at the range heavily involved in combat of man he likes to grapple he's always lead to grabble. Since he left the military's been teaching professionally. New Courses you know edged weapons. He has a new company or a newer company Amtrak Blades where he sells those edged weapons and has found his home, the mountains of Montana of I must said, Montana Idaho I live in Montana get Montana's mine Idaho's bills but he lives here with his six children and his wife I'm GonNa shut up. Let Bill speak for himself episode one, Fifty, one with bill. rapier enjoy. Smoke. North. West of the smoke I'm waking danger close now. Here's a question for you. As I was thinking about this and it's been a minute since actually had some time to sit down and catch up. So long time. Two, thousand, three, I, remember. In the damn. Armory. I forget we're doing but we were in there for hours and I bet if we have written down of one hundred things. That you thought we would never do sitting down today for podcast. Wouldn't have made the list hundred percent. Fathom. Oh how things have changed? Just, like we're talking about right before we started just our ages. And in two, thousand, three, hundred, twenty, six. I'm not the same person. I was twenty six. I thought. I had it dialed. I didn't. Forty-three as of three days ago I think I have it dialed but I don't Yeah, I just turned forty four. Three days ago as well. Your birthday ten ten. Yes, it is. No, it's not. Yeah. How do we not know this about each other? Either I saw it in your eyes you also didn't know. Maybe bed. We have to have because we did work with each other for years, but it was back. As. Long. Long time ago. Did you know that you are the single person responsible for me drinking coffee? Really. Yeah. I remember making a lot of coffee and an oath three sitting in the hanger there. But I didn't have my first cup of coffee until I was sitting down with you playing chess and is Stan. Green. Bean. On one of those how much of a blast while in the past that I had never so I used to. I think that was. A four. Yeah. Because I had trump do I had no coffee and oh three I was just water only I. Don't know what was wrong with me but I remember watching people hover around this mythical pot and they like their life couldn't begin until they had some yeah and you and I were up there. Doing that stupid jumped rates the same trip but broke that poor dudes tip FIB. Remember that. Which I'm going to say was completely his fault because as the tandem passenger. I tell you to pick your feet up and my feet hit the ground. I. It was the classic. Passenger leg hits rotate over the top of the leg mid rotation. You hear what sounds like a shotgun going off and then you just hold on to them and whisper it's going to be okay I did that to myself. Years later. On. No just just me six thousand foot. DC. Usually, release point was over the Grand Canyon was pretty awesome. One of the coolest trump's have done. You guys do a day or night a hose day they jump scrape. Coming in right next jumper smiling the whole time, and then just went to slide it out and hit a little berm. And just did a little flipped over heard something pop and then tried to move my leg and. I would move my knee and my foot kept moving so. That's probably about the point I think I would pass out. And it wasn't so bad. I'M NOT I don't mind blood and guts or any of the other stuff as long as it's not happening to me. But what happens to me and I looked down on my? Who

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