Radiolab: What If? - burst 07

Trump, Inc.


Two of the Constitution. Now in the war game scenario we've been following as we mentioned both teams tried to do this convinced state legislatures to totally swap out. There's but when Ed and the rest of Rosas White Cell, team slapped probability of success under these moves and then had the teams roll the dice after dice rolls, most of these efforts failed. But. That's not to say that things got any less weird. Because at this point in the game as the teams are pressuring elected officials and giving competing press conferences. It was clear that Michigan was going to be the deciding state. They're a rogue individual destroyed a large number of ballots believed to have supported Biden leaving trump a narrow electoral win. Now, what was that was that part of the scenario you guys set up or was one of the moves that one of the teams made the trump team I guess that was actually something that the player teams generated I believe in the scenario itself it. Was a national guard guard major decided to destroy a truckload of mail in ballots and the trump team. If I'm recalling correctly left at a little bit deliberately ambiguous. Hey, it's rogue national guard Major. He acted on his own initiative wink wink. It's funny. This is one of those moments in the game where I thought that's not going to happen. We could that happen think about the you know think about the June protests in Washington and So one of the things that happened in DC was that an army helicopter US army markings flew very very low over city streets dispersing crowds. There was later a Pentagon inquiry into who the hell was that she says in the end, there's no way to know whether this was a coordinated action or just one guy having a bad idea. So she says it's very plausible that a single human could have. That kind of influence and because in the scenario, this destruction of balances happening in Michigan. You now had a democratic governor

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