The Practice of Shipping Creative Work with Seth Godin


Okay I got a question when you think about the word creative. What's that word mean to? You feel like a lot of business owners if you're like me, you know a creative person that. You hire design things to make things look pretty to work on your brand. But here's the thing. If you're a business owner. You gotta think about creativity broader than just that. In fact, I'm going to tell you if you want to build a p performing company. You. have to be creative. From the Ramsey network, this is the entreleadership podcast where we business leaders grow themselves to their teams and the prophets. I'm your host, Daniel Tardy. Am I guess today is Seth Godin guys are you kidding me seth is one of the most brilliant marketers thinkers thought leaders on the topics of well a lot of things leadership business certainly all things customer service and guys I'm telling you even if you think you're not creative. You've got to listen to this because creativity. It's not just something that you do where you're creating things that are visual are designing things being creative as a leader means you have a vision for the future you see what could be and what should be, and then you create that reality that's why it's called creativity. And you do that through casting a vision and showing people a better version of the future creativity isn't just about designing things guys it's about leadership. Let's. Differentiate between leadership and management. 'cause they're not the same thing and most small business people just do management management is having the power to tell people what to do to get people to do what they did yesterday but faster and cheaper, and we need management because that creates the industrial economy that enables us to make and keep promises. But leadership leadership is not mandatory. Leadership is voluntary. Leadership is I choose to lead where I choose to follow you and because voluntary because we're doing something that might not work it's not for everybody but it's where all the juice lies because when we lean into leadership. When we assert to people that we think something might work. We might feel inside like we're not so sure but we're offering this tremendous. Privilege this gift to the people we work with, which is they're hoping that someone will open a door in China light. That's our job all throughout building the entreleadership area I was I was the first employee of entreleadership. We don't call ourselves employees. We say where team members, we don't like the connotation of employees because it implies punching a clock and exchanging dollars. For hours as the first team member in this area believing in this thing believing it could be this massive thing that's making an impact in the area of small business. I know I can relate to times that I I had a massive vision and desire but I wasn't sure how we're going to get there. I didn't know for sure that we would get there. Yet I was telling people were going here and and there's this higher docs in our minds. A little bit of we're really clear and certain we're going and I don't know if we're going to get there and you can feel a bit like a fraud at times. You can feel like I'm making this thing up why are these people even following me? Yeah. Imposter Syndrome rears its ugly head. A lot of people think that they're the only ones with imposter syndrome but everyone has it unless you're psychopath imposter syndrome is that feeling that you haven't proven it that you can't be sure you to do to speak up and to lead you must be a fraud at people say, how do I get rid of imposter syndrome? and. My answer is you don't 'cause you are an impostor in the moment you are leading in the moment you show up and say over here, you can't be sure. And if you feel like an impostor, that's a good sign because it means you're leaning into the work and so I am not proposing that we defraud anybody. I'm not proposing that we guarantee anything 'cause a guaranteeing confidence are tricky places the Hind but I think we get to say to people i. let me paint a picture for where we might be able to go if we're able to make this thing working and if people like that picture and they're willing to follow in meet with you. That's the best way to get to where you hope to go. I think tracking with this idea of we're always an impostor to some extent, and yet there's also a wisdom and having a sense of what we're doing. So we don't lead people off the cliff what's the difference between being foolish and the perpetual imposture and the way you're talking about? Yes so that all of this comes down to generosity. I rule no one wants to be hustled. No one wakes up in the mornings. Hopes own hustles me uses social pressure close talking. Extortion, whatever it is to get me to do something. No we don't have to hustle to make a difference. The alternative is to say, what's The generous thing to do you know if you saw somebody drowning in a few feet of water and you had a chance to jump in and Save Them? Even. If you weren't the best swimmer who ever lived even if you didn't have a certification from the Red Cross, which do it what would you walk away a say? I can't prove I can see ask you this person. That's great. You jump in the water.

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