What is Natural Moral Law? with Dr. Ross Inman

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So here's the big question what is natural moral law and what does it have to do with genesis? Excellent question was I see it I go conception of natural moral law. Entails at least the following to commitments. So the first commitment would be something like this. That God has built into the natural created order a moral dimension. So just as you might think, a piece of wood has sort of natural grain to it that. So to the moral realm has a natural grain too it that's grounded in God's creation intentional purposes. So, that would be the first tenant which all impact here in a second, and then the second thing would be that God has so created human beings with unique capacity to both know and live in accordance with this moral grain for the sake of living well I think one passage that's absolutely insightful in biblically rich which I wish we had more time to unpack is proverbs eight, twenty to thirty six. You might be asking what is proverbs eight, twenty to thirty, six with Genesis wanted to help to show you. So. If you permit me, let me just read very quickly a twenty to thirty six proverbs chapter eight. So this is what twenty two says. The Lord possessed me at the beginning of his work, the first of his acts of all ages ago. I. Was set up at the first before the beginning of the Earth when there were no depths, I was brought forth when there were no springs abounding with water before the mountains have been shaped before the hills I was brought forth before he had made the earth with its fields or the first of the dust of the world when. He established the heavens there when he drew a circle on the face of the deep when he made firm the skies above when he established the fountains of the deep when he assigned to the sea, its limit so that the waters might not transgress his command when he marked out the foundations of the Earth then I was beside him like a master workman and I was daily his delight rejoicing before him always rejoicing in his inhabited world and delighting in the children, of ma'am. And now it was sons listen to me blessed are those who keep my waves here instruction and be wise and do not neglect it less. It is the one who listens to me watching daily at my gates waiting beside my doors for whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord but he fails to find mean injures himself. So a proverbs aid is is a wonderful passage that a uses a literary device here with respect to the personification of wisdom. So the idea your calls that we have a god has this intimate companion here. From the first act of creation onwards in in its denoting the fact that all of God's creative acts from the creation of the starry expanse to the separation of male and female there founded on and patterned after God's wisdom. So God. In proverbs eight here is is depicted as an expert craftsman master Workman's beautiful picture really So he's sort sort of starts with this meticulous plan. Any sort of skillfully fashions out of an unstructured pile of material something with strength. And Integrity it's actually really interesting here in proverbs eight, we have in a mere eight verses, a span of eight from twenty to thirty. There are eleven verbs here that denote God's conferral of order structure and pattern on creation. This is what I was referencing here a natural grain to the cosmic order. So for example, God's set up. He brought forth. He shaped he made he established he drew a circle very interesting sort of craftsmanship. Pictures. Here he made firm he assigned a limit any marked out the boundaries of his creation with skillful precision. And Care. So you have you have these. Images that portray God is the master workmanship in you just can't read proverbs eight Kyle without without your mind going back to genesis one through two. So it was beautiful about proverbs eight is just naturally points back to the original creation account were I think God's skillful craftsmanship in creation is on full display. In particular, we see in Genesis a genesis chapter one God will separating things apart and he's binding them together again, his craftsmanship on full display here. So for example, in Genesis, one, God separating light from darkness, he's separating the waters above from the waters below the expanse he's separating day from night he's separating see from land dwelling creatures sue separating. From the rest of the creation, he separating male from female, and he's separating of the seventh day of rest from the rest of the six days of his pre more. So you see him not only separating apart, but you actually see him interestingly enough uniting things together as well. And I think there are three important ways your kyle in in which we see God his master craftsmanship on display in binding things together and giving them natural integrity in strength. So first of all we have genesis one, twenty, seven. When God Unites Himself to human beings by making them in his divine image were made to reflect the radiance in the purposes of God. So there's something about the way that we are constructed Kyle. that. That makes the case that God is our final ultimate end. He is our greatest. Good. Were made in the image and likeness of this being who is a relational through and through and that nothing else can satisfy but union with God's

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