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What's bad for podcast privacy unsecure audio files on Brian Bond letter in sounds profitable has discovered that one of the most aggressive voices on podcast privacy. The podcast host Lipson has been threatening the privacy of its podcast listeners by still serving some of its podcasts using unsecure http. The practice makes it easier for employers is peas and governments to monitor which lips in podcast listeners requesting. You'll find a link to the entire article in our show notes and our newsletter today. Bus Brown has launched a transcript distribution service and integration with podcast addict forecasters. Using sprouts can also offer synchronized captions. The company is working with the podcast index to make this an official are assessed tag. Apple is to announce new hardware today at ten o'clock, Pacific Time the company is widely expected to answer set of new iphones including five G. models and a new smaller part. The podcast academy is to announce the details of their first annual awards today at five o'clock eastern the webinars free to members will link to that today. The organization has also released a mission statement which we linked to as well speaking on the media show last week. ANDRO Greenlee. The chair of the PODCAST Academy confirmed that the organization will not play a part in setting technical standards. The Australian podcast rancor has been released for September the number one remains stuff you should know represented in Australia by Air Ends I. Heart Podcast Network Australia. The top ten publishers account for forty five point eight, million downloads that's up four point one percent from August it's an incomplete rank et measures participating publishers only and doesn't include the ABC the country's largest broadcaster. spotify UK has content and podcast collections for it's black history is now. and. How much did Amazon pay for PODCAST DOT? com it was offered to one news reader for over two million donors who told. POCOCK news that great business show is a new podcast from the bringing together veteran business broadcast. Oh, the former international rugby player. As a leap year, twenty twenty was always meant to be a little longer. The most part the leap year points out that for many Australians in lockdown, it's felt like a very long year indeed with stories of the impact of the pandemic Australia's lives and was released yesterday. Sutter. Faction was launched at the end of last month from Evans Sutter. The past contains short six, two, twenty minute talks about life satisfaction wellbeing happiness, the absurdity of life relationships and joy. Supercars does launch super casters a podcast that dives deep into how you can grow your podcast sustainably and build a business out of it and severe with an F. marks the return of Sofia, Franklin former host of coal her daddy in it. She talks about her split with Alexandra Cooper and then a free for monologue on whatever Franklin decides in the moment to talk about. A horrifying review in Forbes,

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