Never Surrender, with Garbled Twistory


Into Slavery Gabriel Prosser grew to be a strapping young man trained as a blacksmith and learned to read he his brothers and his wife hatched a plan to not only a free themselves from bondage, but all enslaved people in Virginia their plan was to gather more men take over the capitol of Richmond and kill all the white people with the exception of methodists Quakers and the French processor. Would then rule the New Kingdom of Virginia. The plan didn't work. My name's Moxi and this is your brain on facts. Why didn't they Rebel this is a question that should have occurred to every American schoolchild when studying the Civil War and slavery. Why didn't they Rebel the truth of the matter is they did more than one third of the population in the south in the eighteenth Century or enslaved people in the 1943 Book American negro slave revolts historian Herbert aptheker estimated. There were over 250 rebellions of enslaved people in the US between 1619 and 1865 some historians put that number over 300. So rebellion was a lot more common than we were led to believe and even if enslaved people weren't taking apart in an armed Uprising many would fight back in small ways painting food work slowdowns feigning injury. Damaging equipment and so forth the new world had slave rebellions basically as long as there were people enslaved. They're the first documented Rebellion taking place on San Domingo on Christmas Day 1522 some rebellions managed to make it into the history books and pop culture like the seizure of the Amistad when a boat full of kidnapped Africans over through their captors and took control of the ship to both win their freedom and be memorialized in a film by Steven Spielberg. The first recorded slave revolt in the United States happened an hour down the road from me in Gloucester Virginia in 1663. White indentured servants included enslaved Africans in their plan to do away with their master and be free another servant betrayed them and was rewarded with his freedom. It would be nearly twenty-five years as far as we know off. Before the first all black slave revolt which again took place in Virginia. The largest slave rebellion outside the United States was the successful Insurrection of black slaves that overthrew French rule and abolished slavery in Saint domingue establishing the agenda nation of Haiti that proved unequivocally that the enslaved could defeat their captors and live free that precedent frightened and slavers on the mainland suck slave owners actively repressed any sign of rebellion laws dictating when where and how slaves could congregate were enacted to prevent Insurrection and quavo light paranoia. It's the same reason the enslaved were forbidden from learning to read or write words spread ideas and your captives May develop repetto Mania wage medical condition and let this make you grateful your doctor actually had to go to school the mental illness that caused black slaves to want to run away. Yeah, that's what these folks told themselves in case you thought the narrative myth of the happy slave was a recent invention. With Plantation populations under tight control Insurrection would tend to come from the cities or parts of the country where there were lots of small farms rather than one big one. We don't have time today to talk about all three hundred rebellions. We'll just hit on some of the ones that are most likely to make you ask why you're high school history textbook included between zero and one slave rebellion. Well at the same time definitely mentioning white John Brown at Harpers Ferry. Records are a bit spotty for our first subject the Stono Rebellion in South Carolina in 1793. History is colored both by the mouth of the teller and the ear of The Listener with their preconceptions, and we only have one firsthand contemporary account. Early on a late-summer Sunday morning 20 enslaved people gathered near the Stono River Why Sunday morning a recently passed law required all woke up men to carry firearms with them to church on Sunday. So the rebels made their move when the men and at least some of the guns would be elsewhere.

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