David Lammy On Why Climate justice can't happen without racial justice

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I've got to stop by admitting that in many. Me Giving a talk about how climate action can help black communities is surprising. I grew up whole black with a single mother in Psalm. One of the most deprived areas in London in the nineteen seventies and s climate change was the last thing on my mind. Representing Tottenham. Its member of parliament for the past twenty years my focus has been on trying to reduce the deprivation I grew up around in the past the climate crisis never featured at the forefront of my politics because it was never one of the most immediate. Constituents facing or at least it didn't feel like it. Rising sea levels feel unimportant when your bank balance is falling. Global, warming is not your concern when you can't pay the heating bills and you're not thinking about pollution when you're being stopped by the police and so perhaps this is why as the black lives matter movement roared across the world that's been so dimension saving black lives from the climate emergency. The too long those of us who cared about racial justice treated environmental justice is that was elitist and at the same time, the leaders who did focus on climate change we usually white and rarely bothered to enlist the support of black voices in their work. Even Progressive Allies sometimes took votes to granted and assume that all community didn't care or wouldn't understand the truth is the opposite is true. Black people breathe in the most toxic air relative to the General Population We are more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma. And it is people of color who are more likely to suffer in the climate crisis. This is no coincidence. The cheapest housing tends to be next to the busiest roads and many of the lowest paid jobs are the most pollutant industries. People of color consistent deny the bottom of the housing educational and Employment Ladders. This story connects black communities across the world from London to lay goes to La black-americans are exposed to fifty six percent more pollution than they course white Americans breed seventeen percent less air pollution, the May produce. It gives a whole new meaning to the black lives matter slogan I breath we all right. We know the name of George Floyd who was murdered by the police, but we should also know the name of eloquently Deborah. Ella a nine year old mixed race girl from southeast London was killed by fatal asthma attack evidence suggested was caused partly by the unknow fool levels of air pollution near her home. And it's not only urban areas where black lives are disproportionately under threat from climate change. My parents had country of Guyana is one of the most vulnerable countries on earth to the effects of climate. Change. So far, gladys contributed relatively little to the climate emergency, but it's one of the country's facing the most serious threats from it. While the annual carbon dioxide emissions beheaded the United States is a staggering sixteen point. Five metric tons in Guyana is just two point six, it is a patton repeated. The Globe those countries that have contributed least the climate breakdown mainly in the global south will suffer the most from floods droughts and rising temperatures. This is a patent suffering with a long history. The exploitation of our planet's natural resources of always been tied the exploitation of people of Color. The logic of colonization was to extract valuable resources from our planet through force paying no attention to its secondary effects. The climate crisis is in a way colonialism's natural conclusion. The solution is to build a new coalition made up of older groups most affected by this emergency black people in American cities who are already protesting that they cannot breathe. People of Color in Ghana, watching sea levels rise to the point where many of their homes become uninhabitable young people in places like Tottenham London afraid of the world they will grow older and progressive allies from all nations of all races, religions, creeds, and ages on this side. All demanding recognition that climate justice is linked to racial justice, social justice and intergenerational justice to

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