How to Have More Time for Yourself


Chaos. You were offended by that why? Because that's how I wanted to be remembered as someone who? Thrives on chaos who's always hectic. I wanted to be remembered as a good friend or a good wife I don't want to be. Remembered. As, somebody who? Was Always, just busy I don't think there's a lot of value in just being busy and I think that you're busy doing things that you have to be done correct but I feel like I have to be the martyr on the one who has to step up all the time on the one who has to rise to the challenge I'm mad at myself for putting myself into that role and I wanted to get out I'm really need to find out who I am and who I skipped being along the way. It's so important to remember that our kids are not going to grow up and remember if they made it to soccer practice on time every time. They remember if mom was a nice person and if we don't take care of ourselves, it's very hard to be a nice person what I'm really hoping what my prayer for this show is and have a prayer forever show is that women you begin to see the value of your lives, not as a mother, not as a daughter not as a wife not as a lover but you begin to see that you are a person worth honoring and worth valuing just because. More of this episode after Short, break. Support for this episode comes from organic by Align of Organic superfoods blends that offers plant based nutrition made with high quality ingredients. 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I, we asked our moms to answer the following question if only. Blank then I would take care of myself listen to their answers. If, only I could let go of the guilt of not being there. Twenty four hours a day for my husband and my children I would take better care of myself. If only I could let my house go without being obsess over its cleanliness. I would have time to exercise and take care of myself physically. If, only I could learn to say no to obligations and not take on any responsibilities. I'd have more time for myself if only I could. Let, go of some of the control that I feel that I need with. Being, a mom then I think that I could take better care of myself. If only we're talking about how to find more time for yourself mostly about making the shift in your own head that you deserve the time right because the reason people don't find the time is because they don't think they really deserved time isn't that the truth anything you value you're going to take care of you. We don't see ourselves as valuable. Bank account if you keep giving and giving and giving and giving don't put anything in, it's going to go bankrupt and we're going bankrupt women everywhere going bankrupt physically emotionally spiritually because they're not taking care of themselves and as we were preparing for this show, all the busy moms we spoke with said the same thing if only I could find time to take care of myself I know I'd be a better wife I know I'd be a better mother and a better person. So today we're going to prove that it really can be done Cathy's going to show you how she did it with other women but mostly you have to want it you have to want to do it for. Yourself, you have to believe that it's important enough for you to do for yourself. Let's begin with time robbers. First of all things at most of you busy moms are doing every day that are unknowingly robbing you a valuable time. Kathy's explain like well to standing line the average American spends five years of their life st standing in lines. That's a lot of time we gotTA BE SMART. You know being a good family manager is about being a knowledge worker and doing things at the right time don't go to the post office at noon on. Saturday. Morning everybody else's there. Don't go to the grocery store at five thirty in the afternoon you gotta stand in a long line just simple things like. Having one certain place. You always put your car keys or always pitcher glasses. This is not rocket science. It's just little things that can save you miniature minutes there. Minute they're. Looking for your keys looking for you`re Looking for you. Okay. Mary Kay is a wife and mother of four children and Mary. Kay says she's so busy that take an hour to do something for herself is not an option.

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