The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


So where were we tree? So we were, oh, I was telling the story about my client that sees pain every time she looks at gluten. maybe we should talk about what happens when those types of clients swallow a bite of bread. Sure. Yeah. So what happens to people who have gluten sensitivity when they eat a piece of bread or a small bite of cookie or even a slice of lunch meat that has gluten in it The food travels through the stomach and into the small intestines. With. Triggers the release of Zahn Yah Lin. Zahn Yah than signals. The small intestinal wall to open up small areas that will result in a condition called intestinal permeability. Some people call this condition leaky gut. When it was explaining this to a client of mine and she said Oh I get it. It's kind of like nylons versus fishnet stockings and I was like perfect. You have the visual and I love it when we can get a visual that helps us remember better and understand better. Yes. So if you could look inside your intestinal lining, you would see how easy it is for microbes, toxins, and partially digested food particles to pass through the lining and get into your bloodstream when you have intestinal permeability. Right great explaining Theresa. So I really hope the listeners are pausing now in visualizing what Theresa is saying so if you have. Intestinal, permeability and you. Are sitting listening to US eating toast this morning. So that'll be gluten. Right? When you eat that Gluten Sonya Lin is released and it's that Sonya Lin I always you know I think fishnet stockings are a great visual I always visualize. Doors are intestinal tract fly open when you eat gluten and the Tzaneen gets released. So now all the doors fly wide open and the toxins and the microbes and chunks of partially digested food get into our bloodstream and our immune system says what the heck is going on. It doesn't recognize any of those things because they're not meant to be in our blood. So our immune system thinks they're bad guys. It thinks all this stuff is dangerous invaders and it initiates an attack and this creates inflammation. Now keep in mind it's natural for our immune

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