Joe Biden on the campaign trail stumping in Pennsylvania this morning,


Stumping in Pennsylvania this morning, saying Donald Trump kept keeping Americans in the dark without information about how dangerous the covert crisis was, while putting more money in the pockets of Wall Street millionaire. He didn't tell us You just told those Wall Street friends. That's why they made so much money by quote selling short in the market. They knew what was coming. What happened to the rest of us President Trump his own rally in North Carolina, downplaying the pandemic. Rove it please don't go on vote. But despite the president's optimistic predictions, covered 19 rates continue to climb in the majority of U. S. States. US. Reaching a record daily high of covert 19 cases 83,000 shattering July's numbers, and this time the West is getting hit hard. ABC is Trevor off in Montana cases have jumped more than 500% in the past five weeks. Sandra Sanderson says she and all six of her Children became infected and I would not want anybody's kids to go through the pain and suffering that we all went through together. The virus is ravaging states like Ohio setting record highs three days in a row. The University of Dayton announcing one of their students died from Coben 19 on Thursday at just 18 years old.

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