U.S. sees record early turnout with record 62 million votes cast


Floridians, 18 to 39 has increased 44% since 2016, Georgia. Nearly three million people have already voted nearly 700,000. Those people didn't vote at all. In 2016. The trends across the country are pretty insane. We're tracking like for high voter turnout. So what does this all mean for the file results Amber McReynolds, CEO of the votes at home institutes before that served as chair of elections for the city of Denver. Colorado. So, Amber, we've got these numbers coming in. Is it too early to say what they mean? I guess there's not going to stop us from trying and either side is trying to figure this out. Yeah, well, I think the numbers are incredible. I mean, this is the definitely the highest interest election that we have on record for a long period of time. And you know, 2016 was the highest had the highest interest for an election. And this this election cycles blowing that out of the water, So I think it means two things. I think first whenever we see More use of vote by mail turnout increases, So we're going to see higher turnout across the board, frankly, because vote by mail is being used more this year, and it's also more available in more states. The second thing is, I think people have made their decisions earlier than what we normally see. And so people are are taking advantage of early voting, and they're also turning their ballots in sooner. So right now, I think as of today, it's 63 million As of right now, literally about 63 Million voters have cast ballots more than 40. Million of those are Mail ballots cast. There was close to 100 million ballots requested. So by the end of this week, I mean it. It's it's highly likely we will be well over 100 million ballots cast by the end of the week, and with so many

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