But I think it's against her because the American people know it's her.


Controlling the Senate. Maybe she's in any field has details from Washington. Senate Republicans unhappy, the president may agree to nearly two trillion in new covert relief money. That's more than a trillion less than Speaker Nancy Pelosi's democratically controlled House passed months ago, but I think it's against her because the American people know it's her. That's stopping the money to going. In fact, Senate Republicans haven't even agreed on a more modest $500 billion Limited relief bill and he failed. ABC NEWS Washington Seattle neighborhoods are dealing with a surgeon, RVs and campers just sitting idle on the street, and many are wondering when the city will start enforcing parking rules. Almost Jonathan shows spoke to neighbors in the Georgetown neighborhood. This is what some are calling a double standard when it comes to parking enforcement. Thie RV owners here have not been ticketed or toad, even though the city ordinance says they're supposed to be if there Worked in one spot for more than 72 hours or in a no parking zone, and neighbors say these vehicles have been here illegally for weeks. But we saw parking enforcement officers clearly putting tickets on windshields near downtown Seattle for similar violations, like being in no parking zones, no loading zones

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