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All right so She has been talking about publishing. For years. About the power of why we should be publishing daily and I remember at one of our Club X. Events. I made a statement I said. Everyone the audience that if you will publish single day for a year by end of the year I'm convinced you have you'll be financially free. And I think people looked at me and said, cool. Some people said, there's no way and very few people actually did it. They're having people have people sailing enough are having a lot of success right now. So I still stand by that like you pick to wear you to publish that and do it every single day. For Year, you should be successful because a couple of things can happen number one. It will give you a chance and give you time to find your voice and number two. It gives your audience enough time to come and find you right and so that's kind of the reason behind it. and. So what's cool is this morning Brandon Fisher whose one of the guys here my team it is all kind of our video. Steph he sent me this trailer and I haven't watched the documentary I watched the trailer this morning and it was amazing. So I if you go to we are Jim and Sam Dot com, you can go and watch the trailer for this documentary called after. So many days and so I don't know why sent to me. So I cook play and in this minute fifty trailer if this documentary, it tells a story about a couple who newlyweds in Jim in San who've been trying for decade to get to hit it with music right? They were playing show their practice seven for ten years had no success and they decided they needed to do. Something crazy. We need to figure out a way to pay the things successful, and so they decided that they were going to do a show every single day for three, hundred, sixty, five days. Right Andy and I haven't seen the documentary I am so excited to go and watch it. But. Just from the trailer. You see what happens is they go out there and they start doing a show and they some of the shows like next to these guys cutting down trees because only person there listened to him some of these little bars are. Just wherever they can find a place to perform show in front of humans right and they started doing this and they started doing this and by the end of the trailer, they're performing in front of these audiences of tens of thousands of people and There's this quota the in the trailer that was so powerful factor wrote down to one to share with you at the end the trailer he says. So here we go making something happen every single day, and then boom they start on this journey and it want to show you because man. you. So many of this dream we have our art right for the for Jim Sam. It's they're they're banned for for you could be an offer product, a coaching program, the book of course, a CD, a physical product service you do could be whatever right with is visually of our dream and we go out there and try to put out there. but the magic of this and I cannot wait to wash documentary having ten more episodes getting out about this but the concept of our free be successful it's not just going out there and dabbling or there I'm going to read a book I'm GonNa go try to whatever it's like here we go making something happen every single day. What are you doing every single day to make your dream come true right like what is it right for most of us if we're satisfied publishing I duNno Nathan Berry who is the founder kid? Really good solid off a program He said the same thing is like I'm gonNA write a blog post every single day for a year a sat down and he started doing it and I was really hard right but then got in the habit of this like every damn. Sit down. I'M GONNA reading thousand words red thousand every minute early morning. Yeah. Thousand words, thousand words, and by the time a year cup up his company had blown up. Things happen from it, and so I think for all of us men they just they just serve such a good reminder. How do we publish something every single day? Right and so this is the rallying call K. as you hazard going to commit to this and say, okay, I'm GonNa do this. Calls. So here we go. Making something happened every single day. So what does that for you? What is that lever with the thing you do every single day it's GonNa. Change everything for you. You've got to figure out exactly what that is and then focus on and do it consistently every single day for you. If you do that a couple things happen number one, you will find your voice gay I, guarantee them for formula show every single day for your what happened they got better they will like if people didn't like they like they, they mastered their craft right. The second thing is that as they're going out there and doing this over and over and over again, the consistency gave their audience a chance to find them. I talked about and traffic secrets because we'll. I shared another one of Nathan varies. Thousand. Blog posts are hundred bog whatever hundred, sixty, five blog posts. He did that year. When was called you have to endure long enough to get noticed talked about they said you know it's interesting because you think about. TV shows or movies or documentaries like like how many TV shows did you find out about like season four or five rice at the the problems are so much content being created all the time that That the market the waits to to see what's good enough is going to rise to the top right and so it's it's testing. You I think for all of US I. Okay. The Universe God the market you know whoever testing you see. Do you really want this? How bad you want how bad you care about your message to hear anything to be a blog once a week about it and you care if you're gonNA blind date about it do you care about the every single day? You're GonNa make something happen because if you do if you are. Then you get rewarded tethers reason now that I'm having still having so much success in my business, right? Despite the ups and the downs in the all the things I have been doing this. Now for eighteen years, eighteen years I've been beating this drum over and over and over I beat this drum when nobody was listening I beat this drum when people were angry at Stroman when clients relieving beat this drama kept doing it and doing it and doing it because I believed it so much because I cared about semester I knew the impact he could and would have if I just kept doing it kept doing it kept doing it and now eighteen years later. I'm still learning. So becoming better I'm still I still make tons of stupid mistakes. Right? Eighteen years letter later I found my voice right and my audience is finding me and it will continue to hopefully continue to grow and keep evolving. But that's definitely what's what's happening. So

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