Virgin Australia CEO Paul Scurrah resigns after Bain shake-up

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It been an extraordinary fortnite for Virgin Australia in a few weeks virgin will come out of voluntary Administration, but it's future remains far from certain wage. Following the extraordinary Revelations this week that CEO Paul skaara will leave the organization as soon as Bank Capital takes control of the company in early November replacing skaara will be for Majestic Geneseo. Jane heard liquor who is reportedly feared by unions as a ruthless and heartless negotiator. Officially Paul scar has has he made the decision to step down after discussing his family. He said that the time feels right and that he knows the business will now be in good hands, but there are very strong rumors that skaara was forced out of the position or chose to leave because he fundamentally disagreed with action Bane is taken the airline back when Bain Capital was announced as the preferred buyer of Virgin Australia many feared that rather than doing what they said. They were going to do the US private Equity Firm couldn't be trusted and could just slash-and-burn ahead of a quick sale of the airline and for many their worst nightmares, and now coming true the removal of CEO Paul Scarborough log. View Bain Capital had repeatedly and publicly backed since they agreed to buy virgin only scratches the surface. Unfortunately, the new owners are also now trying to negotiate with the various unions and those negotiations over Enterprise. Bargaining Agreements are not going. Well. Ben wants to slash Pilots pay by around 30 to 40% and cut flight attendant pay significantly as well flight attendants would also lose lose their overnight allowance, which is around $125 a night each night that they're away from home and their Duty time limit would also be increased from 9.455 to 12 hours per shift which would make same-day return trips from Sydney or Brisbane and Perth possible versions customers are also starting to feel let down many have not received refunds for flights that Vision had canceled and earlier this week. It also emerged that version cab and crew are taking sick leave to avoid dealing with business class passengers that are unhappy about being served. Noodles as the in-flight meal and unfortunately, that's a pretty accurate reflection of where virgin is right. Now in fairness to Virgin their website does say that complimentary meals and the purchase of additional food and drinks will not be available on board, but they do promise that each guest is going to be served a snack and water regardless of the cabin and even that's not really happening at the moment virgin is a sub so long on stock that it's now rationing the snacks. It serves to economy class passengers and there's no longer any Diet Coke or wine for business class passengers, they're out and not getting any more stock but catering worries aside. There is still also no indication. If or when Virgin Australia's lounges will reopen there's now speculation that bank Capital could close even more lounges than they originally announced an a virgin is also cutting some of the benefits offered to frequent flyers when traveling with International partner Airlines velocity frequent flyer announced this week that it will no longer award points or status Chrome. On any code-share flights with a VA flight number that operated by International partner Airlines in addition velocity members no longer have access to any Alitalia Hainan Airlines or Hong Kong Airlines airport lounges velocity Point upgrades on Delta are being discontinued and velocity members can no longer request complimentary Comfort plus upgrades when flying with Delta life in or to the United States

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