Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Is the Movie America Deserves

The Big Picture


I guys. Yes. Couple of Baratz here to talk to Amanda and I about one of the one of the movie moments of the year really in in a way and I'm fascinated to talk to you both about it because you guys on your show regularly cover the intersection of culture and politics. That's something that Borat is very focused on. I'm just going to read the full title of this film for the listeners out there. In case they didn't get a chance to check it out. It's called Borat subsequent movie film delivery of prodigious bribe to American regime for make. Benefit. For make benefit once glorious nation of Kazakhstan, I could hardly get through that I wanted to ask you both to start when you saw that Sasha Baron Cohen was returning as. Borat in a in a film, a movie film had, what did you think? Did you think we needed this Brian? Why don't you start us off Of course we need it. Of course, we need it because. The people that Borat likes to have Mary Fun with are now running the country. As opposed to fifteen years ago where they were having a little meeting often some holiday inn somewhere in America. So. We need it more than ever I. Think. David, what about you? Well. I mean to take from O'Brien. Said I mean a lot of people may have made the argument that they're sort of like no comedy in the age of trump right? That like that we that reality is pushed has gone too far and and you know comedies we know it is impossible I mean. I don't think it was an accident that trump was literally a Sasha Baron Cohen character in this movie because trump is metaphorically as Barron coin character from fifteen years ago right? It almost. I I will say when you read the title. Chuckled and there's a point about like halfway through the subtitle. The laugh actually kicks in at first. You're kind of like over here again, and then you're like, okay, they're just GONNA like they're gonNA. Wear me down and I think there was a lot to the movie to me. That I don't like it warm down but it was like I I was skeptical of it at first because I felt like already knew the joke and but but it was comfortable and it was really funny at times there were times where it sort of fell flat but but going back to what I said the. The beginning of this ramble. On when it fell flat, seem like that's when it was like it was like inversely making its own point that there's no joke to tell. You know it was it was a very surreal viewing experience. Amanda do you think that we needed Borat to did you need to? That's the question is it isn't it who needs it and who is receiving it because I grew Brian like we need it in the sense that we are living in the joke now, and we are maybe not living in what Borat Rot. Borat kind of pointed out, and then in a way gave power to and obviously the the media nature of of Borat and the figures who are inborn add is something that Brian and David can speak about at length, but it's really turned on itself and inverted. So many times from two, thousand, six to two, thousand, six correct to two, thousand and twenty that. You can't tell which way is up and that's really interesting, but there's A. It's a bummer to talk about like intention in comedy and effectiveness comedy but I think the way this was framed and when this was released, we're going to have to talk about it a bit and I don't know whether it sticks the landing that it's trying to.

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