Interview With Nick Betts


Welcome back to the Costa Athlete Program I'm your host chef. Today, we are joined by one of the men who has helped shape one of the biggest brains and body surfing and skin diving or free diving depending on what you choose to identify as we have on the man, the myth, the legend one of the is behind the camera, the Great Nick Nick so good to have you on the show. Absolutely Beerman so I have to ask right off the top. How. Did you get hooked up with because you and Matlin Gio did I pronounce his last name correctly Lingo. Lingo. Thank you. Everybody listened to the show Torius mispronouncing of names between the two of you. You guys are responsible for the majority of public images released by Ert. How'd you get hooked up hooked up with them in the first place? Actually, not really think about it might be a kind of a blurry stories. So there's a thousand, acre, ranch out east in San. Diego that. I am kind of Co.. Owners of I don't own the ranch, but Munich Jake we. Have kind of put together. What is called earlier twenty ranch and Jake's families owned this thousand Acre property since nineteen twelve and as fifty five. Acre Lake on. A. Cabin. In all kinds of different terrain and stuff like that. So years ago through the rest of a group that started, which is rescued watches also on by rob. Smith We met through him in new that was formerly snipers. So they asked me to come out in check out the ranch in need do some schouten. Stuff. So I went out there and I saw we we're able to shoot to like twenty, six hundred meters and I j like you have no idea what you have here. In will only get some boys out here jigs former military he was air. Force. So. Through my connections, I knew mad at the time and we brought matt out there and just shooting various guns and kind of started doing some photo shoots. No quick just because I want to. I want to date for the audience. 'CAUSE as everybody knows like five years ago gun content could help you when the algorithm whereas now you don't necessarily see the same level of push. So at what point was this this forming up happening? This is probably in twenty seventeen. And So maddie and out in and. That's how I got introduced again and then started doing. Random shoots through MAC. and. Become really close with with union the rest of his family. Really, really big into the brand and and what it stood for. In. The logos and designs in the Surf Culture that was speculating waiting so I ended up getting connected with them through that we do some dies up support any way that I could. has now kind of worked for clandestine media. which the huge military media company does a lot of shoots for a lot of the major manufacturers and kind of had to take a step away because he's been on the road for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time and so ian reach out to the announcement. Step into fill Matt's shoes which are big shoes to fill in. More than happy to do so.

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