How Andbox Has Strengthened Ties to NYC During Covid


And today we are talking and black eyed relatively new organization that is house right in New York City and is found immediate success in a few e Sports to talk am box. We have Rohit Gupta the co-founder of Chief product officer for a box. I'm sorry about that and we'll cutrone director of communication for an box Rohit. Thanks for joining the show. Thanks for having me at will I'm exposed to have you on the other side of the mic this time actually contributed to the show. Thanks for coming on happy to be here and yeah different different experience this time. It's a little bit odd to not be on the muted one. Now. You got the pressure on yeah. Yep. Yep. Glad to be here. So in addition to co-founding airbox road is also a partner at Sterling Venture Capital where he's worked for the last six years or so, but today we're really focusing on an box. There were the major organizations that pops up alongside the Activision Blizzard franchise leagues. They started with a top-tier team in the New York Excelsior and the OverWatch League before adding the New York sub Liners in the Call of Duty League. I had Mac the New York sub liners rookie on a show a few months back. He talked about how awesome it is to be played for an organization that Embraces New York as such a core level at both teams have found early success of cemented themselves as to AJ Ki tips to the key Brands really going forward about the OverWatch of Call of Duty leagues, but am box also expanded outside of the franchise world, at least for now by signing a valorous squad and she said they're based in America's most psychotic City and am box is closely tied their brand with the streets of New York that includes embracing the fashion world that covers the city a part of a Major Brands like Nike and create a unique collections for an box truck. Is a pro players it also includes the platform Battle of the borough's the first event was held up in summer as eight regions in and around New York field of three person teams in addition to the five iconic boroughs of New York Queens the Bronx Staten Island Manhattan and Brooklyn and box also included Upstate, New York, New Jersey and Long Island to really encapsulate the entire region Battle of the borough's plus a few more enslaved turn this fall as Connecticut joins, the mix in addition to those eight other regions, each event has had a price full of $50,000 and is held in fortnite registration is already closed for these fall match. The matches are set to begin on November 6th with the regional finals of December 13th at the Grand finals on November 20th. So we'll is director of communications. I totally get why other regions had to be included around New York, but I found New Yorkers could be a little bit testy about their Burrows. If you had any pushback from New Yorkers of the inclusion of those added regions like log, I like, Connecticut and upstate, New York. You know, it's funny you say that, you know, I grew up in Queens, right? So I definitely fundamentally understand the the amount of pride that that New Yorkers have when you're looking at a local metro area. I actually think that us going to more inclusive route and in bringing in, you know, Connecticut, obviously this time parts of Upstate New York and New Jersey. I think it actually just adds fuels the competitive fire. I think whether you're from Brooklyn or you're on the other side of the river in Jersey or Staten Island, there's there's always something special about where you're from and there's always something you don't like about where someone else is from so, you know, the the lines have been have been drawn in traditional sports for a while among a lot of different professional teams in New York and different sports package and we kind of embraced being New York see Sports org and and welcoming the larger tri-state area metro area if you will and we thought it was actually pretty fitting so long. We we really didn't get any pushback. I think that everyone was just kind of be here to jump in and compete and so who who was the best Long Island? Obviously one of the first competition so we're excited to see if Connecticut coming in now shakes it up a little bit. I love to see it. You know,

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