Nintendos Game & Watch Super Mario is a massive hit of nostalgia

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While the buzzes around the next gen consoles launch. This week i want to talk about handheld those popular in the eighties. It's making a comeback game and watch super. Mario brothers roger chang and this is your daily charge with me is gaming expert and amateur or semi professional magician scottsd- on welcome scott totally amateur so I grew up with a few these game and watch handhelds but for some of our perhaps younger listeners. Explain what these things are. Yes game and watch came before the game boy. This was this was an intended. I four and a hand held games and they were these black and white. Lcd things that only played one game per device and they beeped. They had these static kind of like animation screens. That would just do only so many preset animations. And i love the heck out of these things when i am old so when i was in camp in the eighties. That was my handheld game. So i had a whole bunch of these that i would play and they get me through my summers. Yeah i remember my parents picking up a couple from one ethnic around hong kong like being a kid. I didn't really want to go out and see if they wanted to like. Read a book or play. Play this And i remember one where. I think i was catching bombs going back and forth Remember yeah there were pre rendered images and basically like as you've moved the control pad who would switch one image where you're like cashing bomb left catching the right. It was just. It was super simplistic. But i spent hours playing these things now. Nintendo is coming back. it's the same sort of hardware. It looks the same but obviously plays a little bit differently. Tell me a bit about the new game and watch the providers yes. I'm a total game in watching urge. All say nintendo's revisited game and watching the past with these little versions of those games on the d. s. in three d. s. And i have a compilation. On the game boy micro that i still play. Which is a toll throwback. I lead into that because if you've been following game and watch that's not what the this new one is. It does have one game and watch game called ball which was the first game and watch game. It's just as juggling character catching balls. It's pretty simple but the rest of it. They they put the whole super. Mario brothers and super-party brothers the laws levels on this little hand-held which are like the complete games with a color screen That you played a million times So that's really cool but that's not like the game and watch as we remember it. It's a whole new idea. And yeah so how how Beyond that is it. Just the the first game really like what. What exactly are you getting in this game. And watch him multiple. You mentioned those two games as anything else though. That's it you're getting getting mario brothers. Mario brothers the loss levels which is like japan japanese marbles to. That's been in compilations and you get those on the nintendo switch online service and this ball game and then that's it plus like this watch mode which is the time like these. These things always used to tell time but if you press that you get to see the animated time and you can just watch. Mario jump this time. It's cute but it's like just a total collector's item. Like you don't need that. It's like it's just and that's the entire package and you turn it on and you play it and it does that in. That's that's game and watch an h- how much would go for these fifty dollars so that's not cheap. How that is that is not cheap. That's a lot more than what we spent for these things. You could argue that. They're giving you a little bit more but it's not that much more now but it set up to be a total collector's item in nintendo has been doing this year and they're dipping their toes more into this with limited edition game a lot of people. Compare it to disney's vault. You know where they kind of released often put it away. The supermarket three classics is limited time game supermarket. Thirty five on the switch can only be played through march. This is apparently only being sold through march and the classic was was kind of a limited time thing too even though it hung around for a while. So that's the preface that this is a total collector's item thing. You don't need it. I do irrationally love it. But that's because i love game at If you're a game and watch nerd. This is the first game in watch. They've made in a long time. But it just made me wish. They had made this a real game in watch museum rather than it's like a document. Retro is what i said in the article you know like it. They stuck another richer experience into the richer experience that that wasn't originally part of it right so it wasn't it's not really an authentic retro experience. Just like it's but it's multiple retro experiences both physically in the actual game but they're just different so there's a bit of a contrast there there is although of course as a kid in the eighties. I would have killed the have this. This would have been an absolute miracle too because all those game and watch games. Were trying to make the games you played at the arcade like donkey kong but the versions they had were all like blimpy and like not the thing you go okay. It's like it's like the tiger electronics games. Like you know all those little. Lcd games were trying to make you think of the better experience. So the full. Super mario brothers on a little thing i would of loved but we also can get a lot more now. So that's cool i. It's just. It's a different concept. I will say that the feel of it like the red rubber buttons on this game and watch are totally the red rubber buttons that were on those game and watches way back like the feel of. It reminds me a of that little childhood device. That's important that idea of getting the feel of these things afford that nostalgia work but once to stall war off or maybe it's still going on for you but in terms of expensive you can take this stall out of the equation. Like what are you left with your left with a little thing. That please mario brothers. And you know these things already like saying like these things exist like you can play pacman or tetris. Or you know you. Stores are full of these little mini arcade devices. That you can you can get and so. This is not new. Sega has one but the game year. That's is in japan. The super tiny game gears that that play games In their all absurd. So what you do get is at least the way it feels and controls is really comfortable like it's actually a really nice little experience. Playing mario brothers for what it's worth like. It's not some of these. You never wanna play the game on that little tiny thing but i appreciate the ergonomics of it. And it's kind of like a little stress reliever but you know for fifty dollars. That's a lot. If it was twenty bucks you might say like okay. Totally i would. I would just get one. Keep on my desk. I think this is one of those things that for intended fan clearly and that's what nintendo is increasingly leaning into is dot for the nintendo fan. And i think that's exactly what this symbolizes in a year. Where nintendo doesn't have a new console. Yes good point via. This is part of their big mario. Thirty fifth anniversary right. Yeah it is and and so. They've been making a big deal that also like this year. We don't know what nintendo would have had in this calendar year. I don't think there would have been a new switch. Even even if there hadn't been krona virus in the beginning of the year intendo had had said that. But it like going back to new console thing when we have so many people excited about the playstation five and xbox series x and nintendo made a tremendous success story with animal crossing. There's kind of like a. What's the next chapter. Nintendo doesn't have it yet so there's a little bit of despite the incredible success selling the switch like their sales numbers. Keep keep being really high. It they're kind of treading water to like what's the next thing after that. They don't need have next thing but we're expecting. They might have new switch like a pro version next year. It at the four year mark. It seems like that would be kind of overdue and then the the scanwatch is more of a one often think this is something. That nintendo nintendo Tater released like a line of these retro. Fifty dollar handhelds. I think it would be a total intendo. Move and a shrewd wine. The like do a bunch of them because you know collector shoes. I think a lot of people kinda see the stuff in that territory where you have these things and much like the original game and watch. That's what they were like. Where they had different versions. That came out over the years. And maybe you got the one that had pinball maybe oil panic maybe you had some other special version and then if you missed the first one may be the next one i mean. It seems totally nintendo that they would make zelda would make metro wine and they would just keep going down the line but intendo also drops the ball on doing the next step that you think they would do on some things to put this thing on next and they don't so they're very hard to read with this stuff. I would expect that but I think i think they're also just testing the waters with like even put put the mario kart in that territory. While the that mario kart live home circuit is a very cool camera-equipped a are racing car. Another kind of collector's item. Thing nintendo done this for many years to be clear. But i think that they are really pushing into that now with the whole collectibles landscape

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