A highlight from Hour 2: Just Keep Going


Oliver guest joins us on the goodyear hotline. Now last night the clippers win and just trash the jazz one eighteen one four- and it was one of those games that felt effortless. And i say that with a little pause. Because we haven't seen that necessarily from the clippers. We expected to see that. But it's never really gelled away together the way we thought it would think back to the conversations. We had when the clippers. I came together. It was oh my god. Kawais has chosen the clippers. he's taking paul. George oh what is lebron going to do we. We spent days on radio talking about kawais decision and how it might change the balance of power in la and instead what we see now. Last year you can excuse inconsistency it was covert massive shutdown. Everybody's trying to learn each other and you have the championship won in a bubble anything through that process and really apply it to normal logic. It feels like such an exception. You've just gotta let it go but now what about this year especially in a playoff where we're seeing teams just decimated by injuries. Yeah there's some. There's some context to that in past years. We've seen it but it feels like it's across the board this year. We're we're seeing big teams that we thought would be massive contenders simply falling apart due to injury. The lakers are not one of those teams are sorry. The clippers are not one of those teams and to that end at some point. We've got to figure out what to make of the clippers now kendrick perkins again. He said this espn nba. Analyst said this about the clippers and their power of their magnet magnificent duo on sports center at night. Malcolm form at that level offensively one of the best duos in the game today. Okay playoff as file. Eeo rob. he's still have to show a little bit more. But i know what they could do. Office of being we know we're colliding. Joy brings to the table defensively though they have been a monster lead the pack back wild living

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