A highlight from The Putin Summit is Finally Here


That. Plus astonishing new details helpless trace the line directly from the big lie of donald trump to the deadly insurrection at the united states capitol and finally mitch mcconnell shows his cards no supreme court nominees are likely to get through the senate chamber if republicans take control next year. President biden will be the fifth united states president to meet with president putin of russia. That meeting is set to take place tomorrow in geneva. Switzerland and biden built up a head of steam heading into the summit by gathering with allies in the uk and in belgium. He went to the g seven. He went to nato. He went to the e. u. summit all to form a strong picture of an alliance with those western allies before going face to face with putin biden. Aides have indicated that the president has been hard at work preparing for this meeting. It could be four hours or longer when all is said and done. They convened a meeting with a group of russia experts. Four president biden earlier this month so he could get their input on dealing with putin ahead of the summit. What you won't see after this meeting is a repeat of that. Twenty eighteen side-by-side joint press conference that trump and putin held in helsinki. Joe biden's team decided from the get-go they wanted to do a solo press conference after the meeting with putin not sure the stage with someone who is an adversary of the united states. The meeting will be in two parts. The first is going to have four. Participants president biden president putin us circuitry st antony blinken and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. Each side is going to have a translator and there will be a photo op with reporters at the top of the meeting. Then it's going to expand with five-member delegations on each side in addition to biden imprison and. It wasn't clear yet who would participate in that. Us delegation for that second larger meeting the specific message that joe biden is going to deliver to putin is not yet known what is known are the broad themes clearly biden is going to make the case for an american style democracy and an argument against an authoritarian government. An autocracy this has been would biden has staked the whole vision of his presidency on when he talks about the battle for the soul of the united states. It is this very thing that he has in mind. The discussion items are pretty clear. Though they're clearly going to talk about nuclear stability arms control agreements. They will also talk no doubt about russians interference in us elections the recent rent somewhere attacks and of course human rights and we'll see if joe biden does indeed bring up directly to president putin the opposition leader alexey navalny who is looking to get an assurance that he will not die in prison unlike nearly all of his predecessors who met with putin as the american president joe biden brings a lot of experience to the table. He's the former head of the senate foreign relations committee. He's a former vice president for eight years. Under barack obama. This is someone who comes to what he calls a critical meeting with a worthy adversary with quite a strong resume in hand how that plays out in terms of the outcome of his meeting with putin. And if he can advance america's interests in the world that is to be determined. Now here's what else matters. Today a bombshell said of emails have been released as part of an investigation by congress by the house oversight committee into the goings on at the trump justice department in the aftermath of the twenty twenty election. And now more than ever you can see behind the scenes here exactly how donald trump was perpetuating his big lie in the corridors of government trying to pull every lever possible and his selling of that big lie of course is what incited the insurrection on january six so now with these emails we know that president trump's allies pressured then acting attorney general. Jeffrey rosen to consider the lies and allegations. That trump was pushing about the election. Trump had his assistant fire off emails. Directing rosen to join the legal effort to challenge the election result. He did all this. Even as rosen was set to assume the role of acting attorney general before william bar had finished his work at doj rosen fused and in an email to a doj official. He wrote quote. Can you believe this are not going to respond to the message. Below rosen also made clear in these emails that he had no intention of meeting with rudy. Giuliani who was on donald trump's legal team perpetuating these absurd claims of election fraud but blurring the lines that have existed in american democracy between the white house and the department of justice that was not enough for donald trump. he also has you know went out held the rally. His troops and completely enabled the insurrection. That took place on january six. We are also learning from the fbi and the department of homeland security that it is very possible that cunanan followers believe quote they have an obligation to change from serving as digital soldiers towards engaging in real world violence. That's from the fbi about the conspiracy group that of course donald trump was breathing life into by perpetuating these theories add it all up and you see why attorney general merrick garland went out today to announce a new biden administration national strategy to combat domestic terrorism. A move that the attorney general directly linked to that insurrection. It's one thing to be gobsmacked at just how much donald trump was willing to bust every norm to actually try and control the justice department for the united states for his personal political gain. But it's a whole 'nother matter when you consider the real danger. His behavior cost and finally today. Senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell has never been shy about the fact that his top priority is getting conservative. Judges confirmed to america's federal courts.

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