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This is douglas movies with a very special homes alone. Both sides of the pond addition to celebrate the release of the doc the sparks brothers. My guess our jake. Fogel nest april richardson and edgar right. Hey hello yeah. We did it you guys. This is international shit going on right here. Let them meet. Everybody individually starting with frequent guest on this show writer director of I believe his first documentary in theaters. June eighteenth the sparts brothers edgar right. Hello edgar thank you. I know a regular guest through there. I have been on for four years. Which makes me a terrible guest. A terrible regular guest rather and i. I would like to point out the rights director of spock's documentary because how can you write real life. Doug i it. Isn't that a credit that you have on it. No i'm just directing a writing credit by took it off because it looked it on. A documentary slept people to talking. Just i just asked the questions. Yeah i i agree that there should be. There's a few things that should have a writer credit on them. Somehow it sneaks in there that said fabricated. I feel. i did feel that. They're documentaries recently. Where i feel like they have landed upon something and then shoot the whole of the first off like i felt much. Ron tell me which one you famously like. Catfish the original documentary. Once they figured out that there was something in it they went back and show the whole of the first half as ricans -struction. Because why would anybody be filming saying. Hey i just met this cute blonde on facebook. Why would they be filming that. The last of it like where they meet the real woman. That's real but they went back and fabricate it s a couple of what i felt like Teacher it felt like way you just happen to have this wildlife crew when he was swimming through a particular spot on the edge when they when you just happen to find this one and you had the crew with you when that happened what the fuck and i just felt like a certain point i feel i leave the octopus alone right. What did he do. What did he do to deserve. Maybe he wants to be on his own. Thank you for the ocean. For a reason. I carried on a private relationship with an octopus for years. I've never once filmed it. It's my personal business. I'm uncomfortable even talking about it on this show but it is it my activist teacher. It is a love affair that access does does teach him how to love. And it's It's it's fascinating to watch. But i was quite shocked. Like there's some really heavy documentaries it was up against the oscars and I really love crip caps. I was personally just surprised at a nature doc. Essentially one over a new collective as well. The daca romanian nightclub five which is about is how can a heavy as it gets which was amazing documentary. Now i i mean i wouldn't have minded if my was sexier i think that's light. It was where it was heading. It's what we're all thinking and light. Wasn't they code like mike calamari matahari. I mean it would have been much so much sex. Yeah i can't. I haven't seen it because i can't handle anything about underwater anything like like. Obviously this goes deeper. Like i don't know it but i can't. I'm too scared of the ocean. I'm too scared of anything. That's like the deeper you go on the ocean fish like chainsaws and lazily and stuff. And i can't handle that secretes him out way too much so i can't handle an octopus feature. I also i have not seen it either. And it's for no other reason than me and my wife just didn't care you famous j. famously. Have a fear of teachers yes. I also like the teacher in the title. I'm not. I do not want to learning the except for the old rob lowe filmed teachers rob. Yes he talks about. An his new autobiography believes why. I wasn't it about the teachers. She would have been like he was one of the students. Yes he was one of the students. Which is why i could handle the film like the poster was like a the adults like it was about the adults. That's i guess. That's why i don't remember rob loved in their turn. Album covers this like an apple. That's being lit on fire. I guess it's like a cherry bomb. Or something i don't know it had like a metal soundtrack was up to the new. I did yes i saw. Every movie nominated for an oscar this year for the first time i think ever i did the same for the first time every single one. Yeah did you feel. Do you feel that it was the same to all the way through or did you take talk house when ellison twins of playing the same character right. Do you think the. Add more than one eight octopus. One of the octopus was mary. Kate also swap them out and they get tired. There was a there was ample opportunity to do that. Like there's there's in the uk there's a famous kids show called lupita where they had a dog code petra on the show and then it's a famous kid share and they had this doku petra and then the dog got killed. I think run over by a car rather than upset the viewers. They swapped out the dog but some kids wise to that same etre looks different. The thing the kind of life is a fake at. I had kind of a serious question. Which will demonstrate not only my fear of the ocean. But also how i am could you if i put two octopuses in front of you could you tell the difference between

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