The Fight For Abortion Rights In The Dominican Republic

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The dominican republic has one of the harshest anti-abortion laws in the americas. Abortion isn't allowed. Under any circumstances only five other countries in the continent have such harsh restrictions on ending a pregnancy legally. That's haiti on dudas. Nicaragua jamaica and el salvador today. I'm joined by amanda. She's a dominican journalist and our former digital media at her here at let the usa. She's gonna tell us more about what's happening in her home country where she's based right now and what's going on in the fight for women's reproductive rights on the island. Hey amanda welcome to let him. Usa alumnia thank you for having me today. So amanda you've been following the protests that have been happening in the dominican republic since march and that's when women's rights activist set up an encampment in the capital in santo. Domingo more recently there was a national march where a lot of people in the protests. Were chanting something pretty particular. They were saying less. Today's cows silas which can basically be translated into the three grounds or the three circumstances. So that's a less three scou- sally's i mean it's like it's it doesn't roll right off of your tongue. I'm trying to think of ever used the word. Gauss silas anywhere in my life in spanish. And i'm like. I don't think i've ever used that word. So kisses to the last three days. Cow sally's yes. So the silence. Which was a word that i've personally gotten very used to saying because i've been in the middle of these protests They're basically three circumstances under which women would be allowed to have an abortion and these are considered sort of the basic circumstances right. So it's when there has been a case of rape or incest when the fetus non non-viable and when the health of the woman is at risk

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