Microsoft Is Not Your Friend

Risky Business


Microsoft managed to Let linda interesting pace of new slip out the door on a friday afternoon last week. Talk us through it. So microsoft have admitted that they managed to get a computer of customer service. People compromised by the russians and that a bunch of data from accessible from that machine or whether there was more than ever movement little unclear information that was accessible by this customer service. President was in walked out the door and used the target Other microsoft customers. Am i package this up with some other information about ongoing attacks from the same russian kind of espn crew. That was behind. Solo wins attacking brute forcing credentials. Trying to kind of you know make it a part of that story but yes they got themselves earned and we don't know a whole bunch more other than that. Yeah it looks kind of bad. Yeah i mean they buried that little facts about halfway through a blog post about ooh fresh activity from these really sophisticated russians and it looks like maybe what happened is joseph men from rytas found out and he started asking questions and then bang outcomes this blog post so i mean you got to ask the question. How long did they know about that. Four and my guess is for quite a long time before last. Friday microsoft is really being quite not exactly being forthcoming. Let's put it. That way. And i knew about it for quite a while and only talk about it now. Exactly right. i mean we've seen so many supply chain attacks over the years but mark soft as such the middle of the world for software supply chain cloud service supply chain in the middle of everyone's business like they are the biggest target. There is that type of of supply chain and even just taking information using the target customers. You know with through phishing through brute forcing or whatever else fair enough but you got so many options marks of this just such a big place and they got so many things they gotta get right so many stops computers so many systems they really have to be at the top of the game defensively but also in terms of being honest with customers

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