The Oscar Dress Mystery

Ghost Town


So everyone is in awe of this dress. The academy awards happen. It's fun she looks amazing. Press press press whatever two days after yondo opens the door to her hotel room. She's on her way somewhere. she's late. is she staying at the london west. Hollywood hotel sometime between eight am and nine pm. She leaves and the dress is stolen and everybody freaks out again for very different reasons. Representatives for the london hotel said this is a terribly unfortunate situation and we are working with law enforcement on their investigation. Great thank you hotel in a separate statement to women's wear daily. Miss yongle call begun a timeless priceless piece of art. And mr costa's said he was looking forward to. Its return. So that calvin klein could have it restored and archived as it now represents an important moment for the brand so again still totally up their own asked about this dress. Wanting it to be returned an outcry from the house of calvin klein so suddenly Mere days after that some of the pearls were discovered being sold in the la jewelry district as fakes. It seemed when the thief removed a few of the pearls and tried to sell them in the district. They were told the truth and turned away. Kind of laughed out. They were told that the paroles were fake and completely worthless. After all the hype. This whole dress worth one hundred fifty thousand dollars. All of this lavish description was a complete lie two days after that. Tmz got an anonymous tip explaining everything. The person confessed to having stolen address that he had blocked off to pearls and take them to the a. garment district where they were told that they were not real. The caller was telling. Tmz all of this. He said because he wanted the world know that hollywood was fake back at the hotel. Authorities found crumpled fake pearl dress young goes dress in a black plastic garbage bag under a sink.

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