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Nfl team pulling their mandatory three day. Mini camp this week and you can see them all right here. Tintin elders last week. While the texans colts forty niners an eagles and we will keep you updated on all this throughout the week every day this week here on. Nfl live here. The show coming later one cowboys player. Who someone your things web. A huge year. And it's not dak or zeke. You see him right there. Adam schefter louis riddick and marcus with you for the our a report from jags camp on trevor lawrence is coming soon to but we begin with the patriots and a key piece in the new england. Defense to gilmore a no show at can't gilmore heading into the final service contract to salary of only seven million. of course he's rehabbing from partially torn squad. The cornerback warranted and asking for money. When you look at his numbers are those numbers has been a vital part of this patch nathan. Since arriving in new england and twenty seventeen no defensive back is allowed fewer yards per target as the nearest defender. Stefan gilmore over the last four seasons. Nfl next gen stats. That's huge and more also allow a fifty one percent completion rate as the nearest defender. That's the third best fan and that's how we should be talking about it when we talk about corners in the league. Mike reese who covers patriots for his joins us now. What more can you add on the situation with. Stefan gilmore do own. Rent your home sure you do and i bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy. Bundling with geico geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy it's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Its gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico. 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Why isn't gilmore here and stefan or no one close to him said this but all signs point to his contract judah earn a base salary of seven million dollars two seasons which is below market for a player of his caliber. The reason for the low figures. The patriots actually advanced him. Four point five million of salary last year. So that's sort of the situation with gilmore from a financial standpoint and players. Supporting him hoping he'll be back soon. Yeah we'll keep an eye on this one for sure. Mike hang tight. We'll be back with you in an update on the quarterbacks that patriots camp in just a moment but let's bring it out to the crew here out of what else should we know on gilmore. And the way bill belichick will handle this will laura. Stefan gilmore was not there today. He will not be there tomorrow and he will not be there the next day he will not attend. This week's mini camp and the truth of the matter. Is he's still recovering from their partially torn quad injury that he had last year so even if he were healthy. I don't know that he could be out there. The contract remains an issue and is going to be an issue and the patriots have something of an issue of their own on their hands. They did not draft any quarterbacks in this jesse jackson is the only experience outside quarterback they almost have to have fun. Gilmore to run the defensive. The bill check lights to run the defense the patriots of shown in the past that they're willing to move on to flood from players before the time is right and they'd rather bail on a flare early than be stuck with him later but in this particular case his value to the defense is vast. He's not going to be. They're not happy with the contract. Wants to redone last year. The patriots rework the contract. And you'd have to figure that the two sides can figure out a way to come to an agreement again. Especially when tom brady coming to town and week. Four and one. Tom brady throwing for five hundred yards against us to fund gilmore. Lewis defense now. This is an interesting situation here for a guy who's gonna who's thirty years old. Who is coming off of injury. And he's having to negotiate with the football team in with a coach who for all intents and purposes the general manager that is more economically driven in their decision making any team really in the history of the salary cap era billionaires exactly as adams said bills one of those guys get out ahead of moves that he feels potentially could go bed in terms of contracts meeting not committing a lot of guaranteed money players that he still feels on the back side of his career now. What stefan could argue that. He probably has three or four. Good years left boring any any further injury. This is a guy who again as adema. Looney two plays exactly his strengths. The style of deepest bill likes to play mainly a lot of your face. Pressed man to man coverage on is a master at an absolute massacre. But you could see his side of it too. He's in the fifth year of this contract. That paid him on average thirteen million per year when he signed it in two thousand seventeen thirteen million per year right now puts them about not even in the top ten in terms of average salary with corners. I mean the top guys making twenty million and jalen ramsey so. I don't know where this is headed. But i can see his point yet more jalen ramsey by the way how he factors in just a moment. But i'm living in the world. I think somehow they get this figured out but let's live in a world for now where they don't. What does this patriots defense. Look like without stefan gilmore. Well laura have some deaths. I mean you saw some of the names. They're jonathan jones played inside jesse jackson. Two of the more underrated. Dvd's in the entire nfl. They did sign. Jalen mills. This offseason. But atta made a really good point about meeting. Stefan's experience on the outside and i would argue. The patriots should do everything in their power to get this done because the case for them being a contender a playoff team in twenty twenty. One is predicated to me on the defense bouncing back in a big way. A defense that ranked first officiency in play one thousand nine hundred and dropped twenty six last year in large part of departures in free agency and cova coutts. Now you get hightower and bit noise back. It added a bunch of reinforcements in the front seven and of course secondary husband the strength in the past. If gilmore's there this could be a top ten even top five defense again and that to me is the stability on this team. Because we don't know who's playing quarterback. I'm in agreeing which you mean especially when you start thinking about what. Bill belichick steve. Geller ticket son. Likes to do defensively remember. They brought matt patricia. Back is this defense has been predicated. I'll have a lockdown guy so you can create for ten. I was a beneficiary a plan with a great player in the market square who created opportunities. We talk about what aaron donald does for guys we know. What jalen ramsey. Look john john and troy. You really good players but having jalen ramsey definitely help them be better players

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