Styrian Grand Prix Qualifying Report


Qualifying stereo is done on. Match happened has taken pole position at red booze home race. Stop mustafa alongside luis. How much on the front as voucher brought asked who qualified second. We'll take a free place grid penalty for his pit lane spin yesterday got through to three on medium ties with which they start sunday's race at the end of q. Three the san set to lapse that. We're good enough for power. Ever since one point three eight four one from his fast run that clinched it landing fourth ahead of sergio perez with the jira each to be boosted one spot on the grid buck because of protesters penalty. Meanwhile gasoline with his team. At uky snowed at setting the eight fosters time however he will start the race. Eleven after receiving a penalty for impeding batas. Alpine's fernando alonzo took nine ahead of estimates and drive at launch stroke. He made it into q three despite having his final dropping youtube deleted for attract limits infringement by running wide at the final corner the end of you to george russell ended up eleven and just eight milliseconds from of q. Three appearance full williams after a lunch late improvement knocked the britain out call signs junior lost his best time in q two running to wipe out with the panova corner but he would have been behind russell in any case. One of the disappointments for the session was that of daniel carter who was only thirteen in the second mccower and was estimate alcon. He failed to make out of key one amazon seventeenth to as always. I am joined by alex. Kalinowka orcas sports x. one. Alex how are you doing very well. Thanks yes Yeah an interesting qualifying session for the syrian grand prix in keeping rabou. A hates on home turf but i didn't. I'm not sure if i really expected that. Fb three where lewis hamilton. Suddenly back head and you ever stop and go traffic. And you know it was a bit disruptive but you think things are going to be really close again. And then and i max max Breeding away and hamilton left out that his car just wasn't feeding his good. Use a bit surprised nina. Why but yeah just said. Fb three you saw a neat. Thank you three. And he just knew he wasn't up to it so yeah sets up a pretty good race tomorrow because i think the trend has been the reps fostering qualifying On the mercedes fractionally foster in the

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