A highlight from Biden's Message for Putin


Up to face authoritarianism on the world stage will discuss that plus yet again some movement towards a possible. Bipartisan deal on infrastructure. We'll see if that is reality and finally the political ramifications of the justice department secretly collecting data of former president trump's perceived political enemies today president biden is in brussels for the twenty twenty one summit of the north atlantic treaty organization otherwise known as nato. He's there to recommit. America to the alliance which of course is a one hundred eighty degree departure from the official stance during the trump presidency of the last four years. In fact president biden didn't shy away at all from the clear contrast with former president trump. We do not view nato as sort of a protection racket believe that nato is vital to our ability to maintain americans security and behind closed doors. President biden talked with his fellow world leaders on the threats posed from russia and china most prominently. This leg of the trip is again highlighting. President biden's worldview how he sees his presidency as a confrontation between democracy and authoritarianism around the world a confrontation he believes. Democracy must emerge as the ultimate winner. Today by the met. With turkish president. Juan a member of nato. Who hasn't exactly been a champion of democracy and of course this all comes ahead of biden's much anticipated summit with russian president vladimir putin were biden's expected to confront authoritarianism head on president. Biden has been preparing for this meeting with putin for quite some time and during this trip abroad. He's been spending nearly every morning preparing for the putin summit and yet the president and his team have been lowering expectations about actual deliverables that can emerge from the by putin meeting. I'm gonna make clear to president. Putin that are areas where we can't cooperate if he chooses and if he chooses not to cooperate then we will respond. He's bright he's tough and i've found that as they say we're the adversary. As with all high stakes summits like the putin biden. One there are many pitfalls to beware of including the treatment of opposition leader alexei navalny ransomware attacks as well as other issues that have been dominating. The news of late but violence challenge will be proving that democracy can function better than an autocracy in the face of one of america's top adversaries. Now here's what else matters. Today there is slow movement. It seems towards yet another possible. Iteration of a bipartisan infrastructure. Deal the latest here. It is a one point. Two trillion dollar proposal from ten centrist senators both republicans and democrats which gets closer to what the white house has in mind including nearly six hundred billion dollars of new spending. That figure is notably less than what biden wanted originally but it's much more than what republicans had initially proposed when shelley moore capito had presented a deal to buy it in that he was not willing to take last week. Of course it's all still in the works. But here's what is worth paying attention to. There are reports that both capitol hill democrats and the white house might actually be contemplating this kind of proposal. The desire for a bipartisan deal is still very much top of mind. For president biden and while there's nothing concrete yet speaker pelosi acknowledged that part of the ongoing calculation would be selling a bipartisan. Deal to the rest of her house democratic caucus. Here she is. I'm very pleased that they came to their agreement. Of course. I do think that it is predicated on an infrastructure is of the last century. We have to be thinking in a more forward way. We must build back better. So if this is something that can be agreed upon. I don't know how we could possibly sell it unless we know there's more to come. It's that more to come part. That democrats will absolutely demand everything. That can't be part of a bipartisan deal. They're going to want to do with democratic only votes under reconciliation. All the rest of the american jobs plan climate initiatives. The american families plan all those big spending projects from the biden administration. That won't be acceptable to republicans in a bipartisan infrastructure. Deal of course it would also be the promise of more big spending to come like that that might scare away. Republicans from the bipartisan deal on infrastructure is a very tricky dance. Senate majority leader. Chuck schumer said. He's preparing to paths simultaneously. Trying to get this bipartisan piece done but also preparing the ground for a big democratic only package that he hopes to get through the congress as we've said before in these negotiations time is running out in terms of the patients that the majority of democrats on capitol hill have with the biden administration to make bipartisan. Magic happen so the clock is ticking. Here before democrats just demand that

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