UK to Lift Most COVID Restrictions Despite Surge in Cases


Labour Party has accused the government of recklessness after it confirmed plans to lift most coronavirus restrictions in England. Is the first country to do so while infections are surging. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he expected to these measures in two weeks, thanks to the success of the vaccination program. He said It was the right time to scrap rules on distancing and wearing masks. If we don't go ahead now, when the summer fire break is coming up the school holidays, all the advantages that that should give us in in fighting the virus, and the question is When would we go ahead born union accused the government of gross negligence, a sentiment echoed by the opposition Labour leader Kurdistan. We need a balanced approach. We need to keep key protections in place, including mosques, including ventilation and, crucially, something we've been asking for throughout the pandemic proper. Payments for those that need to self isolate. Germany

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