Will McGregor's Recent Time Off From Fighting Hurt Him Against Poirier?


Arena. Poor Yea versus McGregor three. Tony, You had a question before I went to the break. All right, Jim, you gave us an extremely in depth analysis of the previous fights. Uh, my question is whatever an athlete in any sport, but, you know, particularly fighters. Um, when they when they have an extended period of time off it either really serves them well, or it really ends up being, you know the detriment of them losing losing the match. So in Connor McGregor's case, the time off that he's had do you think this time off has served him really well? Is he Is he going to come back 110% and absolutely fit. Or do you think the time off maybe was is not going to be good to him The time off before the Korea fight was the That was where he really fell off a little bit, and he was Like I said, great in that first round boxing lives, but he was speaking about boxing pack. Yeah, and, you know, fell in love more with boxing, And it's not boxing martial arts. I mean, you put Jake Paul in the octagon. He gets his head kicked off pillows on his hands to do you put the seller on your hands. You know, it's not necessarily about the violence and the knockout that can be, But when you're dealing with kicks and knees and takedowns and guys who can snap your arms and legs off, But you did, too. And my tie it. It's just a whole different ballgame. So for Connor McGregor to get back in and focus completely on Emma guys, the one thing that, he said this week that stood out to me the most is This is my full attention. I'm not thinking at all about boxing. He finally got back to what got him here and by that I mean training, mixed martial arts and focusing exclusively on beating dust in Korea. And winning back the UFC Championship Belt, which Dana White said today Connor wins this fight The next fight. He's an all time. Great. He's already a legend. He's already one of the most famous over live but to be an all time great. Win these to fight this time off from the last Tory. A fight till now. Guys

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