Podcast Sponsorships: How to Create the Perfect Pitch

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This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be but has to have some fundamental pieces. I the name of your podcast bonus points. If you include the cover art visuals always a nice touch from there. You're gonna wanna have like an about me section right. So what's your podcast. What are the hosts names What season are you in. What type of podcast is it. What's your subject matter. Those sort of basic identifiers from there. You're going one to provide some information about your audience. So average number of downloads listeners are listening from their location age and then gender for the most part you can find information about your average number of downloads as well as the locations that people are listening from on your podcasting hosting site but little bit of a hack if your podcast is listed spotify you can also go to your podcast dashboard on spotify to find out information about the age and gender of your listeners. Next you're going wanted include some kind of social proof right so this could be reviews. Emails tweets even essentially anything. Nice that your listeners have said about your podcast would be impactful and should be included in your proposal from their contact information. So how can a potential sponsor get in touch with you phone numbers emails for you or your team. You can also provide a little bit of bio if that would be helpful now pricing. A lot of us are a little bit kind of on the fence. About how to price. Ourselves we out to agnes the co founder of popcorn to provide some insight into what a good number would be That would be profitable as well as comfortable for you. For host read odds whether it's parole or mid roll we see a range between fifteen to thirty dollars c. pm but when you're doing stuff that's more native like an interview or product overview or having a guest. That's really you know. Maybe perhaps like you're not an expert in the brand's fueled your guest is an expert. Their big influencers. So like that puts a premium on on your fee. So for that when things are more integrated and a little bit more longer form. We see creators. Take anywhere between twenty five to fifty dollars. Cpr or if you're smaller and you're under thousand downloads than i really recommend working off a flat rate

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