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Hall of Fame class of 2020 ceremony finally took place after having originally being planned for eight months ago. Of course, the late great Kobe Bryant was inducted into the Hall of Fame and his legacy cannot be matched. He was just different from everybody else. Like I knew that I had to come with it. I'm not talking about certain possessions. I mean every possession. He was second enough. Bryant was a student of the game. Working tirelessly to improve his skills. Kobe one big number one baseball player ever. They wanted to be raped. And he knew he was going to be great. You have the Mamba mentality down by one couple seconds left. We know where the ball was going to. And he dared you to stop him. Help me Jump shot for the lead. Yes, by 2002. A team with Shaquille O'Neal Foreign historic championship three people, but Kobe was just starting to tap into his potential. In the years that followed, He reached a new level of physical and mental dominance. 61 told me Bryant 52 coming down his hair. 81 point game. See that performance was unbelievable. Pump fake shot, reverse being shot. You're watching. Study it, Kobe inside the three point arc fades and fires and cool, baby. Ryan was named N ba M v P in 2008, and he would lead the Lakers to tomb or championships. He had that relentless fear and he was going up against whatever odds were against him. Have ever relentless nature was Kobe Bryant. Kobe was also a driving force behind restoring the U. S National Program to Gloria Winning two Olympic gold medals. He impacted so many people on and off the court all over the world on top of being in the very, very top of the game, So there's something in him that transcended basketball. Whenever you talk basketball, you got to speak his name. He is basketball. You can't have a basketball conversation without Kobe Bryant Bryant Wings, fourth on the NBA's all time scoring list. He is also a nine time all defensive first team selection. And shares a record for all Star game and VP awards. But even with all of his accolades and championships, he understood that his single minded pursuit of excellence was about much more than himself. Most important thing is how your career moves and touches those around you. Would carries forward to the next generation. Bobby's wife, Vanessa Bryant accepted her husband's admission into the Naysmith Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday night, and she said Bryant's biggest

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