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The Knicks take a three point lead with 4 28 to go. The game did go into overtime. But the Knicks when this 11 18 to 109 33 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds for Julius Randle. He has six triple doubles. And since joining the Knicks that's the most by a non guard in the franchise is history. He's a bucket, and here he is, after the dub Just to make the right play. That was the last thing my job is just to make it my plan. Alex Reyes, you Netherlands. Quick did a great job of making sausage making place. So it was just my child to make the right play. No one's in there, man, five blocks and regulation and overtime. He was all over that game. What is it meant to have him defensively and then also get that put that there offensively late in this one. He's hey, makes up for so much. No force. He covers all our mistakes on the defense of their Hey, fights like hell on office. Vegas officer boards in the right position. You know, he's on song hero for us. You know it does a lot for us one day to day basis. Julius 4th 5th or sixth in the East might be in your control it my not depending on what happens tonight in the walking anyway, you look at this. It's exciting. It's intense. Where is your mind and thoughts? As you head into your last regular season in tomorrow, just wanted just want to find a way to win. Oh, that's what it's all about. Let's go. Lakers versus the Pacers. The Lakers entered March 20th with the second best record in the West. That was the day LeBron went down. They then entered the game on Saturday, seventh in the conference, trailing the Blazers by half a game with a loss, they would definitely be in the play in tournament. Oh, and the King is back here is ESPN l A 7 10 herder kicks it back to Davis. Give it to LeBron slash into the basket.

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