Waltham, Sherry And Fire Department discussed on WBZ Morning News


Sherry on 1 28 north out in Waltham. What happened is a car went into the guard rail. This is right by route 20 and the right hand lane is taken up. Their police are on the scene. The Fire department is on the scene there as well. Several cars had pulled over to help that person there. So it was at first thought it was more than one car involved. But it was just, you know, people trying to help out which is nice, but the right hand lane is taken up 1 28 north bound at Route 20, and well them as they clear. This crash. They're not exactly sure how long it's going to be there. We'll keep you posted. Of course, 1 28 1 of our major major routes there this morning. We'll keep you posted on that situation of 93 north and definitely filling in from the Logan Express. Do the split in Braintree. And now the expressway heavy as well, pretty much its entire length, but it's not really slowing up just yet. I mean, it is slow, but it's not really stopping up just yet, But we'll keep you posted on that as well. Hey, well, just how many times I guess they will keep you posted. We could be a poster on everything lower that Lever connector looking good, so far heavier volume coming in on 93,

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