Thousands Protest Lockdown in Sydney Amid COVID-19 Surge


People have been arrested in Sydney as thousands of anti lockdown protesters breached Covid 19 restrictions in the center of Australia's biggest city. Demonstrations have also taken place in Melbourne and Brisbane. 14 million Australians are under strict stay at home orders as the authorities struggle to contain a surge in Delta variant. In fact, Our correspondent in Sydney, Phil Mercer told me more about the protests. The New South Wales police minister is a man called David Elliott. And he says that there were 3.5 1000 very selfish. Boof heads on the streets of Sydney today, buff head is an Australian colloquialism. Meaning idiots, and I'm sure that there will be many millions of Australians in lockdown who will agree with those sentiments? Clearly, there is frustration in the community. There is anger. There is uncertainty. There is on fear as well concerned about the slow rates of vaccinations in this country, but most Australians are pretty compliance. Trying to do the right things. So the authorities very concerns about these events in Sydney today and in Melbourne and Brisbane Health officials saying that these large protests in those three Australian cities will put lives at risk.

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