Interview With the CTO of MEF

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Welcome listeners. I'm joined here today by pascal minez. Cto of match. Hello pascal how are you great. Honor thank you for having me. So what is your background in. Su and technology. What is it that makes you knowledgeable on this subject. Well you know my background goes back. Even way beyond the un. I mean i think involved in networking even the four even internetworking From the early eighties long long career bell very specific to question you know. Sdn microsoft when for saw this and this is about two thousand and ten. I would say in. It was very intriguing to see that you know the idea of overly under lease idea on the white area our see we already doing this hyper hyperspace data centers nets how you know how. The clouds hyper skills. Were doing it. They were putting in no hardware reliever three switches the underlay and then in the data centers just putting the land or nb gre overlays on top of it. So the idea that. Hey white couldn't do this on the white ear network and don't care about. The transport was very intriguing. But you know what they were doing it. For hyper scale is very different than why. St land needed this in. Why the way needed this. So so when. I saw this in two thousand twelve when i started studying seeing startups emergency area. I was thinking about this already. Two thousand ten actually In this area traffic steering over a wider network and multiple tunnels after to ryan the unruly. So so huge back on. Has i've been following this day. One and you know pretty well part of this whole journey st land.

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