PRO TALK With Smart-Technology Experts Aaron Stallings and Mike Oh


So i have to be honest. I had never heard that term home integrator until maybe a couple of months ago when podcast listener road in to describe the role for the rest of us who may be unfamiliar. Can you please tell us what you guys do. Michael do you wanna go first. Yeah absolutely happy to happy to jump in so a home technology integrator as it's developed over the years to be somebody that knew. Let's say hi fi in stereos but that's twenty years ago and fast forward 'til now and everything is technology in the home right. I mean and especially the last year with coverted. We've we've all lived at home and we've all experienced poor wifi. We've all experienced like outdoor you know people want to listen to audio outdoors and they may or may not have speakers lesions and so. Our job is to integrate all that technology technology into the home experience into the the the experience of living in that place. you know in his best As as we can you know as the client wants it and of course within budget and with all the other components and people that have to be involved in project we really just try to execute that vision and so what kind of things are people asking you to to integrate aaron. It's really runs. The gamut depending on the size of the home be the homeowners their comfort level oftentimes two different homeowners different users. That system have different needs and different. You know comfort level so for residential generally you can almost expect there's gonna be some element of lighting control. Perhaps even a little bit of lighting design as well lots of recommendations for -tective lighting fixtures and layouts. And what have you and anything audiovisual related on this. Every home has some type of at least a tv and these days with with You know people being so familiar with solutions like the sonos Which is know. Really the industry at this point streaming Is something that's just again. It's kind of hard for the course even on isn't particularly that interested in you know they'll have guessed or children of someone who who want that capability

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