Mike Pompeo Says Real Conservatives Need to Step Up To The Plate


There are as i said earlier. Very few people who are committed to a make america great again for lack of a better term agenda who understand that we can no longer play politics as usual. It's just. It's just not going to work if we're not willing to fight. Trump was to me the ultimate warrior willing to take on. You know whether it's the deep state or whatever. Well how do you feel about that. Because we really aren't a strange moment. Where you can't say this but i can i think mitch mcconnell's skunk. I think kevin mccarthy is no better. I look at these people i thought they were on my side and realize they're not the kind of warriors we need. How do you see the party going forward when we have so many people that they simply don't seem committed when the chips are down so let me say to. The bible talks about this. It's actually about these times. Where there you talked about sifting. There's a time where those who are truly prepared to follow. Jesus and not just doing it because it's the cool thing to do well we'll find their way and the lord will reveal this. I see that happening all across the country today. I see some folks. Frank that i thought were friends. Who thought i was crazy for joining the trump administration. Goodness gracious even after you. Why did you stay. i stayed. Because he's hitler two point. Oh what is wrong with you. Having read my book. it's all laid out for everybody. Hitler two point zero run. These are my friends. These are people. I knew i knew what we were doing. I knew the mission set. That i had been given and i had this incredible privilege. And it's time it's time for the fearless. There's no time for the make that this is. This is america's moment what's taking place in our schools the crime in our cities. All of these things that we can say unraveling this most exceptional nation it fan for the real believers in the real conservatives to step forward and be absolutely fearless in doing so

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