A highlight from Coronapod: the latest on COVID and sporting events

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To corona the show. We're going to bring you take on the latest in nineteen developments and we'll be speaking to experts around the world about research We're entering a new era new strategies. There's some new ones and we've got a vaccine. Hello welcome to pod. Name's noah baker and joining me. This week is a new voice to about holly l. slowly i get. Thanks bit harper. Doing alright quite warm over here in the uk. Although it is all over the world sir. I don't want to complain so listeners. To the nature poker. I will likely have heard your voice before this. Is your corona debut. So can you just tell us a little bit about who you are what you do in egypt. Yes so say. I community and that means sort of stories that are important to all scientists no matter what discipline so everybody's about publishing promotion criteria like metrics efforts to diversify science efforts to improve research culture. Anything juicy and exciting. That's my back this this week. The story we're going to talk about is related. But it's also kind of very linked to policy and big data which is kind of white starts to full within your sphere as large research program specifically in the uk. But there'd be similar ones elsewhere in the world to try to understand the transmission amex of covert in large events so specifically things like sporting events. Perhaps large music gatherings nightclubs. These kinds of data are not necessarily well known. Yes so i've been looking at the. Uk's efforts and actually some other countries in europe are also doing work on this but the uk has sort of the biggest program in the world on this trying to understand what helps the corona virus spread in mass gatherings at sporting events. Mostly to sort of tie in with the start of the tokyo olympics and so that is something that research want to understand as we've often found in the pandemic at every step with this new virus we need some data to have a good understanding of how it's gonna go forward so whenever there's a change in policy in theory we would like certainly with nature and scientists would like that to be some data underpinning that position and we don't know exactly how corona virus saskatoon might spread in that kind of environment because many countries have sought shut those down very deliberately as a public health measure. So tell me what was the rationale behind the research that were supposed to underpin these policy decisions. We'll get into whether or not it has actually understand them. Literal spoiler won't be surprised by the answer on that one but yes so it was designed to help inform

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