ASEAN Leaders Plan Myanmar Visit This Week Amid Divisions


February's coup d'etat. In myanmar presented a considerable diplomatic headache to the association of southeast asian nations or as the on myanmar is a member of as yan and but as he and maintains a general policy of not getting too involved in the internal affairs of its members. However there are indications as the end does understand that. This is at least kind of the problem this week. As yan secretary-general lim jock of brunei will visit me and ma and indonesia mainly is pushing for as to name a specialist myanmar envoy lon join now by ronan lee an academic and author of myanmar's row hindu genocide identity history and hate speech ronin. Thanks for joining us. First of all do we understand how much the the gionta in myanmar might actually care. What as thinks will the will care to the point that they feel is going to affect them the mesh with as enemies five weeks ago since the joint met at a special meeting with the leaders of as and there was a five point. Saints ham dived at that point. But not one of the points in the five point consensus has been delivered on since that diane even an even the appointment of an envoy has some good at the chances that joint oh will allow a representative representative of as ian to land in myanmar. Well that would depend on the calculation that the joint aches. We choose whether or not the would be any any downside for them. By rejecting the arrival of anez ian rent the military in myanmar is very good at delaying things. They've they've done this repeatedly of a many decades and they do that to take the political sting out of situations and to take the impetus away from people who might be able to force them to change their direction.

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