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Hello everybody and welcome to a very special episode of the podcast. You may have noticed. Oh my god josh. And an my two favorite people in the entire world. They have not uploaded into months. And yes you're right. We haven't what happened to them not what happened. A few things happened first of all. Our school is wrapping up for this year. I'm sure many of you are in a similar situation if you are in school And we've been quite busy with that. I'm graduating so we have that um and also also you know there's been. This has just been a lot of stuff. That's kind of been holding us up so we haven't been able to actually get to the recording season especially also we play spring sports so that's another thing So it's difficult for us But we want to keep the podcast going on some four We're not really sure. What format is gonna take but getting the wednesday upload schedule every single week is difficult right So we're just kind of making this episode to explain a few things and talk about. What's what what's the future of the podcast. What's going on. What's going on with the account So we just answer some questions up. So the first thing that i think i want to address is that Well you know what's going on with the podcast there. I have a few different things in mind in scenes. Not gonna be here right. Ian is deciding. I don't care about politics. One thousand one at all. I'm gonna go live in the woods. Prescribed wanna get as far away from this account as possible and yet so effectively is gonna be useless summit. He's gonna go sit in the log cabin in. I'm just kidding about the dot care. He cares about you guys. He just wants to go sit in the woods but because of that because ins in the woods he's not gonna be able to help with podcasting so the world at large ethic continue. I'm i'm not guaranteeing that it will. But i'm gonna try to keep something going along that same similar line but assuming but the swimming it does continue not gonna be there. Ian is kind of out of the picture in for the foreseeable future showed up in because of that. It's going to look different. It's going to be a lot more. you know. Just you would meet time if it does continue. Ray is and we're not. Please don't knock off a star for that. But but furthermore i think it's also important to note that tonight are going separate universities next year. We're not going to actually be together even when the summer ends we're gonna be split apart I know i. I can't say this on recording indicates to emotional about it but but so that's part of the issue but i am going to continue trying to content. I did ask a few months ago for some historical topics Because i think it'd be cool to thirty minute history segments on specific things that went on even the tiniest events and so. I'm going to try to do something like that if possible. I think i'll be able to find the time. I'm so that'll be fun. And we can look forward to that. So what i'm trying to say is the podcast in some form is going to be continuing over. The summer is going to be consistent. Weekly news updates in detail. I don't know maybe but also maybe not it's hard for me to guarantee at this point That's the first thing. I want you to keep in mind The second thing. I wanna keep him to talk about is the actual instagram account politics. One thousand one up so as you know. I'm sure everyone following this account is from or following. This podcast is from politics. One thousand one on instagram. But if you're not drubel follow But any off chance that you're not then doesn't apply to you but pretty much all of you are and what's going on with the account is that there's not there's gonna be some differences for sure We're going to try to add some new things. there's going we're going to be trying to focus on. I dunno bullet bullet notes may be like like more news. We're going to try to get out more news some aspect but in other aspects he is not going to be here Our one of our other writers is not going to be here and because of that it's going to be difficult for us to Get the content as consistently as usual.

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